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Week’s End: Prayers for my sweet husband

I had intended when I first wrote this week’s end post for it to be a happy, fun, relaxing weekend post. But when Sunday came around it quickly turned into something much more heart wrenching and a very exhausting day. Please continue to pray for my sweet Matt.


We got home from work with the knowledge from the weather that there would be a huge snow storm coming through the Carolina’s Friday night and into Saturday morning. We started a new show on Friday night called Travelers (a netflix original) that turned out to be a really good show (although from the start it didn’t seem like it was going to be).


Saturday morning we woke up so disappointed that there just hadn’t been very much snow or ice that fell through the night but we were glad when we began to have some snow falling later that morning.

We enjoyed just a relaxing day inside and spent some time working around the house, watching TV, taking naps, and enjoying being snowed in.


Sunday started out as a normal day for us. We got up, had some breakfast and got ready for the day. Most of the snow had frozen over into ice when we woke up but it was a beautiful and cold day. Matt began working in our wood shop around 10 or so and I began cleaning the house up a bit and sat down to write this blog post.

Around 11:00 Matt came inside and told me he needed to go to the emergency room. There was blood dripping everywhere and he was clutching his hand. I quickly threw our dog in the crate, grabbed my purse, and we were out the door. I’ll never forget how calm Matt was while this entire incident was happening.

My car was completely frozen and iced over so it took me about 15 minutes to get the car unfrozen to where I could see out of it. At this time, Matt was incredibly calm and all I knew was that he cut his fingers on the table saw he was working on a few projects with. I assumed there would need to be some stitches put in and that’s what we would be going to the ER for.

We arrived at the emergency room at the hospital right by our house. His fingers were still gushing blood and when they removed the bandages I could see that his index finger and thumb looked incredibly mangled and we both almost threw up.

They took Matt in for an x ray and found that he had sliced right through his bone on his index finger and his thumb and they would likely need to do emergency surgery on him at the orthopedic hospital nearby. After giving him some pain medicine and discharging us, we headed for the orthopedic surgeon who was waiting on our arrival to begin surgery on Matt’s fingers. During this entire time my sweet Matt was making jokes, laughing, making the doctors and nurses helping us laugh, and being the most wonderful man as usual.

The surgery was originally supposed to be an hour to two hour surgery but it ended up being about 5 hours. They ended up seeing that his injuries were much more extensive then they originally thought. His index finger was repaired and has two pins in it currently. They were able to thankfully repair many of the nerves in this finger but he will likely have many difficulties in bending his index finger for the remainder of his life. (I have never wanted to punch a doctor more when they referred to his finger as a “bum” finger but I am so incredibly thankful for the doctors who worked on his fingers and worked so hard to repair his index finger).

His thumb was much worse then they originally thought. His thumb was severed about 90% of the way and was only hanging on by some tissue. They unfortunately were not able to find any nerves in his thumb and had to fuse his thumb back together at the joint. He will never be able to bend his thumb again because of the fusion and he will likely never have feeling in the top of his thumb either due to the lack of nerves there.

Thankfully, his body is accepting the fusion though and is not rejecting this as they were worried it may.

We head back in Friday for a post-op appointment to see how things are going and for Matt to be fitted for a cast. The pins in his fingers will be taken out in the next 4-6 weeks and he will have some physical therapy in the coming weeks/months.

I can’t thank you all enough for the kind words, texts, calls, and help you’ve given both Matt and me just in the last 24 hours. It means so much to both of us and has helped us in more ways than you know. Please pray for Matt. Please pray for his pain, he is in an excruciating amount of pain. We are both exhausted and had a sleepless night last night and watching the person I love most in this world be in pain is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I know the Lord has the most incredible plans for my sweet husband and I know that this bump in the road is just a small setback for something much greater to come.

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  • Oh no! I saw your snap of him in a hospital bed and wondered what happened. I thought it was routine because you seemed so calm. I am soooooo sorry and will definitely be praying for you both!

  • Oh gracious. I got light-headed just reading this! I’m so so so glad he’s okay, but I can imagine how much this shook everyone up and how everyone’s probably not sure how to feel. You’re a great support to him and we will keep him in our prayers as he recovers! <3

  • OMG… Sending the BIGGEST prayers to you and your husband. The most helpless feeling in the world when you can’t take away a loved one’s pain. 🙁