Wednesday, May 14, 2014

If you are just now stopping by you may not know that I have been searching for the perfect dog for about a year now.

Realistically, I was not going to get one until this summer (nowish) because I was still in school and wouldn’t be living where there is a nice fenced in yard for the dog to play and interact in.

But then I met Tank.

And I just knew he was perfect for what I was looking for.

He is a Great Dane/Mastiff mix (yes I am well aware that he is going to be huge) and a large dog was one of the main things I was hoping to find. He is also 7 months old so still a puppy but has lots of room to grow and get to know me since he isn’t super old.

One of my most favorite things about Tank is that he loves to sleep.

Every time we get in the car he is passed out within about 2 minutes.

He sprawls out like nobody’s business but he sleeps and he sleeps so hard. This is definitely one of my favorite things because he is so so good and relaxed!

I think that he is the goofiest dog that I have ever known. Well… actually I think that Matt’s mom’s dog might take the gold for goofiest dog ever (she has a great dane named Zeus and Tank and Zeus are going to be best friends and are staying together this weekend eeekk) but Tank quickly takes second place for sure.

Seriously, so goofy. He lays like this all the time.

Another awesome thing about Tank is that he knows a lot of basic commands. He knows how to sit, shake, lay down, stay (we are working on this one though) AND he’s house trained. What more do you possibly need?

It’s almost his second nature after he sits to always put his paw up because he just thinks you are always going to ask him to shake and that is the funniest thing to me. He’s precious.

I am so excited to see how big he is going to get and am SO glad that he fits in so well with my schedule and with my active (but somewhat lazy at times) lifestyle!

He is a heart throb and will probably always carry a piece of my heart. How can you not love this precious face?!

He’s a happy dog. A big dog. And he’s my dog.

One thing that I’m learning a lot about during this whole dog process is that Tank is indeed still a puppy. I don’t know what I was thinking when I heard he was 7 months at the Humane Society but I didn’t really associate him with being that much of a puppy. However, he is definitely still a puppy… a “toddler” like my roommates like to say.

He is super good and has the sweetest temperament but he still does things that puppies do like beg for food (we are stopping this), chew on the leash while we are walking (working on this one), and get really rowdy at times (this one is kinda precious though).

So that is Tank in a nutshell! Prepare for him to be around for awhile and for him to take a piece of your heart as well (he has a way of doing that).

I would love to hear about any puppy advice that you have!

How was your first dog experience?


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Last week one of my favorite bloggers, Shay, did a post on the day in the life of her dog. I loved the idea and decided that obviously I needed to do a day in the life of Mr. Tank himself because boy, does he live an exciting life.


Wake up call from mom. Somebody, does not enjoy getting up in the mornings… He does this groan whenever you wake him or when you accidentally kick him in the middle of the night or something and it’s the funniest thing ever.


He gets off my bed, goes outside to use the bathroom, comes back inside and falls back asleep on the couch. Seriously, this dog is a dog after my own heart because homeboy loves to get his sleep on.


Normally, if the weather is nice and it isn’t cold or rainy, Tank stays outside in the backyard. He absolutely loves the backyard and he has a great large area to get to roam around and play with tons of things that I would never want to play with if I was a dog but oh well. Anyways, I honestly have no idea what he does when I’m gone in the backyard. Sometimes I leave and he is sitting on the deck watching me go and I come back hours later and he is in the exact same spot and position… and I pray he hasn’t been waiting because break my heart it’s precious.

Anyways. Here’s a rough idea of what I’m pretty sure he’s doing while I’m away.

His most favorite things ever are big sticks. He found this root (along with about 4 other roots) somewhere in the yard down near the lake and has absolutely loved playing with it since we moved up here last July. Talk about saving money on dog bones.

He also loves to run around the yard with huge sticks in his mouth that are way too big for him. I snapped this picture awhile ago but this is what his life is like. He runs around the yard which huge sticks in his mouth. Also, please take note of all the other pieces of wood surrounding him.

He likes to think of himself as “king” of the top deck. He can look out over the backyard, the driveway, the street, and the lake from this deck and in the summer time no matter how hot it is he is sun bathing up here. Normally though, he lays up here and is waiting for me when I get home just like this.


Because Tank loves sticks, he also loves dirt. He digs some in the yard but for the most part it is always to get a stick or something that he wants. But lately, without fail, I will bring him inside and he will have all sorts of mud all up in his face and paws. He never even has a clue it’s there…

Some nights, before we go to bed, we lay down on the couch and watch TV and send pictures saying goodnight to my family like this. Most nights though, he leaves me downstairs and goes upstairs to lay on an old futon that has now become his domain. He loves this couch and will go sleep up there for hours and hours without me even realizing that he isn’t in the other room. He basically just sleeps all the darn time…

This little clip is something I snagged a few days ago and it fits his funny personality perfectly.

As I write this post at 9:00 PM, Tank has been sleeping since 7:30 with a bathroom break before hopping into bed. He is the sweetest and I just am so glad that he’s my dog and even when I’m cleaning up his dog hair, wiping up his muddy paws, spending tons on dog food, he makes it all worth it. 


Monday, October 6, 2014

Some of my may find this post utterly ridiculous and other’s of you will be able to relate to this post and understandexactly where I am coming from. Here’s why: it’s dedicated to my dog (and for future reference I already have ideas about possible other posts I want to do involving Tank and what not so just be on the lookout for those or dread reading those posts either one).

Yesterday was Tank’s birthday! That picture above was on the first day I ever met Tank just 5 short months ago. I went on a whim to the Greenville Humane Society (I had been searching for a dog for myself and was going to just check Tank out since he had just been brought in) and basically it was love at first site. Tank is a mix and I’ve been told about 3 different mixes that he is from vet’s and the humane society but apparently he has some great dane, mastiff, and even some boxer in him. He is basically a miniature great dane with the boxer build and a little bit of a mastiff face.

I went on a Thursday, was going to Texas at 4AM that next day and wasn’t going to be back until Monday afternoon but I just had to have him. I asked the adoption counselor if I could hold him at the humane society until Monday and he told me they didn’t do that and that he probably would be gone by Monday since he was such a great dog and I pulled the trigger and got him that day.

Luckily, I lived with three of the greatest women in the world and they welcomed this goober in with open arms. I went to Texas and boarded Tank that night and picked him back up on Monday with the surreal realization that I had a puppy (he was only 7 months) and was living on the third floor at an apartment in Clemson. Let me say that it was not ideal living situations for a puppy but Tank was so unlike any puppy I have ever heard about.

Let me tell you a little bit about Tank.  If you are just stopping by and have a puppy yourself please don’t be jealous but I apologize because he is so perfect.  Tank (like I said) lived with me on the third floor of an apartment with no yard and no where for him to run and get his energy out and guess what? He slept. All. The. Time.  The first night I had him I barely slept because I just waited for him to whine to need to go outside at 3AM and I woke up at 7AM and made him get up to go outside to the bathroom and then realized he didn’t need to get up that early. So I started sleeping in… and he slept with me and some mornings we didn’t even get up until 10 or 10:30 and he just slept and slept and slept and it was glorious friends, so glorious.

Tank was house trained already and went and stood by the door of our apartment when he needed to go outside (which is wonderful because walking down and up 3 flights of stairs praying your dog is going to go to the bathroom this time is something I never had to experience). He was so great with that.

He is also hilarioussss. Like so goofy. He’s always been a goofball but he is so funny. He makes these facial expressions that make you think he actually knows what you’re talking about. And those ears. Oh my goodness he moves his ears in the funniest directions just every which way. He’s so funny.

He smiles. Like he legit smiles only sometimes though. He smiles a lot whenever he’s been outside and I come home and let him inside he moves his mouth and it looks like he’s going to bite you (the first time he did it I was like ummm what is happening?) but it’s just him showing how excited he is. It’s funny to watch other people’s reactions when he does it to me too, their like “umm are you seeing this right now? Is he about to bite you?”

He knows when he isn’t supposed to do something and when he is (except when it comes to greeting people and every once in awhile (if he knows someone is excited to see him too) then he will jump on them, we are working on this). He knows toys that are meant for outside are not allowed inside and sometimes he looks at me with that face just begging me to play with him or let him bring the toy inside. He’s so funny.

When I first started looking for a dog (almost a year ago after I got the “OK” from my parents to get a dog) I was focused more on a girl dog. I imagined that girls dogs were just better. But after having Tank I realized it’s just about the demeanor of the dog. I have never once worried about being alone because he is the best guard dog ever. When we were living in my apartment in Clemson he didn’t bark all that much and I was a little nervous on if he was going to bark if someone came up to my door when it was just the two of us but now I don’t worry at all. I have had people not even walk up to the front steps because he’s barking in the window like crazy at them. He’s the best.

One incident, an older man was walking behind me while we were outside at a restaurant with my boss and Matt and the man’s cane tapped my chair and Tank shot up from laying down and was on high alert, so much so that it scared me and I almost fell out of my chair! And that’s when I realized that if someone ever tried to do anything to me Tank would definitely protect me BUT he would never bite, snip, nip, growl, or freak out on anyone that I accepted and that was just coming to talk to me or something and that is definitely something I am so thankful for.

He has spoiled me so much with his sweet demeanor, lazy lifestyle, and wonderful personality. I will never ever have a puppy like him after he is gone and I am so thankful to have pulled the trigger somewhat irrationally those few months ago. He has been a joy and I love love love him so much. Sorry for those of you who think that’s crazy and don’t have a dog that is as wonderful as him but seriously oh my goodness he’s the greatest.

So happy birthday to you, silly pup. You are the best and have made so many people smile so keep doing you.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Maybe you aren’t like me. Maybe you aren’t a planner. Maybe you aren’t a futuristic liver. Maybe you are a spur of the moment gal. Maybe you don’t over think like crazy. Maybe you aren’t like me.

But if you are like me, you may be a planner, futuristic person, overthinker, opposite of spur of the moment type of person. So that leads me to something that took lots of planning, thinking, and preparation.

Getting a dog.

There will be serious issues addressed in this topic as well as funny issues that I hope you will get a laugh out of.


Obviously expenses has to be the first thing addressed when deciding if you’re ready for a dog or not. Let me just say, I started planning WAY in advance for the amount of money a dog was going to cost me. And still needed more money.

Depending on the size of your dog will depend on the amount of food he/she needs but just factor in these things when planning expenses: food, shots (if a puppy: LOTS of random shots) spay/neuter, not to mention the cost of the actual dog itself, toys, supplies (bowls, collar, leash, etc.), boarding, and random emergency money. PHEW. Are you already sweating this dog idea out? It costs a pretty penny people.

When I decided I wanted to start looking for a fur-buddy to hang out with me my parents made it quite clear that this was my dog. That this dog would be my responsibility.  Fair enough. I saved up money for about 6 months in order to get Tank. He was 5 months old when I stumbled upon him at the humane society and thankfully was already neutered and up to date on shots but his food alone costs me anywhere between $30-$60/month. Granted, I chose to get a big dog for myself and not a tiny one so this could be different for you. If I had gotten him as a puppy without any shots done it would have cost me anywhere between $150-$250 to get Tank up and going with a microchip, supplies, neuter, all his vaccines (so many shots!), etc.

Items of clothing, shoes, rugs, stairs, etc. that you like will be destroyed.

I have to brag on Tank for being so great. He rarely chews on things he isn’t supposed to. Especially when I first got him he chewed on literally nothing and it was glorious. Now, he chews on a few things he knows he isn’t supposed to (sorry Mom and Dad!) but we are working on it (apparently as larger dogs get older their snouts and jaws expand and fill out making their teeth move making their gums hurt making them chew on things they aren’t supposed to… like the outside deck stairs).

You have to be ready to put those boundaries up for your dog if you want to wear those uggs you love so much again. Trust me, the one pair you love, your future dog will destroy if you don’t watch yourself. I crate trained Tank, kept eyes on him lots and lots, and wore him out as much as I could. He is a high energy dog at times. But when 8:30 rolls around he heads right upstairs into his crate even if I am downstairs. I’m super thankful for this because I don’t have to worry about him getting in my trash or chewing on something he knows he isn’t supposed to because he hasn’t had the opportunity to do so in my house.

They want to play, you have to play with them.

I don’t always like playing with Tank. I like when we sit on the couch and watch TV together (well, he sleeps and I watch). He hasn’t learned the full concept of “fetch” yet so it’s awful to play with him because he just wants to play tug of war with evverryyythinnggg.

However, I have to play with him. He is my dog and deserves my attention (especially while I have no kids or anyone else around to worry about). He’s a puppy. He needs to get his energy out and you just have to remember this stuff when it’s cold outside and you want to go inside but your dog so desperately wants to play with you. They need attention. Yes, they can be left alone. Yes, they will survive if you leave some food and water out and leave all day. But they need some interaction with you. It just makes everything easier in the long run. They end up trusting and loving you so much!

Your car will fill with dog hair and mud.

 If you have a car that you like to keep spotless you should probably not get a dog. Listen, if you’re lucky your dog will love everything about the car and will sleep all the time. But your dog will also get hair, mud, slobber, random crap that you can’t recall ever seeing before, everywhere. I have finally learned to cover my car with towels when I know Tank is going to be coming in the car. That way, I just move the towel and a human can sit in my car without getting tons of dog hair or dirt all over them.

Sacrifice will need to be okay with you.

Dogs, really puppies especially, need to go to the bathroom sometimes in the middle of the night, If your dog is in a crate it will probably whine or if you have a dog like mine he will come over to your face in the middle of the night and lay his head right next to mine and whine. Loudly. And that means “GOTTA PEE MOM LET ME OUTTTT.” And a few times this has happened at 3 AM or 4 AM and I want to just say nooooo I want to sleep go back to bed and hold it (because I know he can) but you have to sacrifice that precious sleep to let him outside.


I did SO much research before I got Tank. I was looking at humane society websites almost everyday. talking to people about dog breeds, etc. This was big time because it helped me narrow down what type of dog I wanted. I knew I wanted a big dog and Tank has been the perfect size, bigger than a Lab, not as big as a Great Dane, perfect.

Can you say “no?”

Saying “no” to Tank sometimes is like the hardest thing. I know you may think I’m ridiculous but he’s SO cute that sometimes saying no makes me feel like the meanest person in the world. But, he needs to be taught specific things and learn that certain things are not acceptable so you have to be able to be firm in your no. This one was/is the hardest for me.

The Future

Before you get a dog, you have to look at the future. For instance, I knew I was moving out of an apartment on the third floor into a house with a fenced backyard, perfect for a dog. But if you live in an apartment and are gone everyday from 5 to 7 then your dog will most likely tear apart your apartment. I knew I would want a “companion” for the next chapter of my life and so I planned ahead to get this pup.

You may not know if you’re ready for a dog. You may just get one and love it and it’s perfect. You may want one but aren’t sure if you can afford/have the time for/ sacrifice for the dog right now. That’s okay! The worst part for me was waiting until the right time to get my dog. I know that by waiting until I was finished with my classes at Clemson and was about to move back home it was the right time. Dogs in general are the best (sorry bout it not a cat fan over here, somewhat allergic) and they bring so much joy!


Friday, June 6, 2014

Let me just be the first to tell you that the number one thing that having a dog has taught me is…..

I am no where near ready for kids.

Not even close whatsoever. Which I sorta knew (obviously, I’m a 21 year old college student) but now I really know.

Dogs (especially Tank) is like a baby… only 10x better.

Here’s why.

There is so much responsibility in owning a dog. Like a lot friends. Especially a puppy.

I think my parents tried to tell me how much work a dog takes and I would simply ignore them but now that I have my own dog I know that it is a huggeeeee responsibility.  Like a lot.

I have to think about him before I think about plans I want to make (especially while I’m in Clemson before moving into a fenced in yard).

I can’t just leave him for like hours on end while I go shopping with my friends. A baby would be like 100x worse in that responsibility because I can leave Tank at his best friend’s Maisie’s house (his doggie girlfriend) and not worry about them but you can’t do that with a baby. So that is the first thing that I have learned from having a dog.

He really is similar to a baby though… but not really.

I have also learned that dogs are more than expensive.

I had saved up a solid amount of money for Tank before I got him. I ended up starting saving at the beginning of this semester (around January) and had plenty to pay for his adoption fee and necessary items (food/water bowl, leash, collar).


I didn’t think about his:

1st vet visit (geez louise that was rough)

rabies shot (okay only $8 but it adds up people!)

Heartworm medicine (homeboy is in the extra large category already so his heartworm medicine is the most expensive)

Crate (did you know they carry an extra large crate? Yeah, me too. It’s also the most expensive…. but yay Amazon prime!)


Chew toys/bones

Harness collar (every time we are out in public and I am walking Tank without fail someone says to me “are you walking that dog or is he walking you hahahah!!!” Listen people. NOT FUNNY! He is like 62lbs right now and so sorry bout the fact that he is strong and I am not as strong but no need to constantly remind me… phew sorry I’ve been holding that in for awhile).


(And of course he has a sensitive stomach so he has to be on like special dog food… by special dog food I mean Pure Balance from Walmart

Get some of this in your life if you have a dog with a sensitive tummy.

So my bank account is slim pickings right now just because I now spend all of my money on dog supplies, food, treats/toys, etc.

I have also learned that my plans no longer are what I want them to be.

I have to bring Tankers everywhere right now.

1. He can’t be trusted alone outside of the crate for fear of chewing up something or many things

2. He can’t be in the crate for the entire day (I would feel so bad!)

3. I have to figure out what to do with him if I am going to be gone for the entire day. Is he going to be outside (if I’m at the lake), is he going to be with his girlfriend Maisie, is he going to be in the crate? Or is he just going to go with us wherever we go and tag along.

He loves to ride in the car.

I have learned that my time is nothing for his time.

It’s like every time I get settled and am ready to get some work done or read and I’m finally relaxing for the day the little stinker walks over to the door telling me he has to go outside to use the bathroom. Thankkssss Tank!

I have learned that germs and dirt is no longer something that bothers me.

Tank happens to literally be the color of dirt. It is SO hard to see how dirty he is but he is almost always dirty. I have just learned that I have to get over it.

He is dirty. He is going to keep being dirty. He may smell bad. And he will be taking a bath (he loves bath’s it’s so great and easy) but I just have to get over it.

I am an extremely clean person and at first I expected him to be super clean as well (dumb, right?) and of course as the cute puppy that he is, this was not the case.

I have learned that I really struck gold with the best puppy ever.

Seriously ask anyone that has ever met him (especially my roommates who are with him everyday with me).

He is like the perfect puppy.

9x out of 10 he is sleeping or playing quietly with his bone.

He is house trained (praise Jesus).

He rides in the car well.

He loves being outside.

He barks as a guard dog would (this is definitely good)

He doesn’t have a mean bone in his entire body.

Oh, and he’s the goofiest dog in the world, not even joking.

A day in the life….

Having a dog has taught me so much but I’m so thankful for that four-legged cuddler, Tank.

Last night Kristen even said to me…”Morgan I’m just really going to miss Tank…”


Not even me.

Just Tank.

Kidding she said she was going to miss me too but everyone is going to miss having this sweetheart (and by that I mean Tank) around when I move out in a few days. He will miss them too!

Also, Tank is SO good with other dogs… and my mom thinks that he needs another little four legged friend to keep him company while I’m gone at school for the day in the backyard. So I stumbled upon this little nugget…

This 3 month old Rottweiler/Mastiff mix (be still my heart) needs a home and oh how I so want to take him in…

Unfortunately Papa Kirk has told me that this is not an option…. BUT I feel like Matt may need a dog… kidding… (sorta) he is part owner of Tank as well. BUT I SO WANT HIM MOM AND DAD JUST SO YOU KNOW… (sorry sometimes breaking news to my parents via blog is the best way to do it, friends). But look at him! How can you not see how cute he is/is going to be?!

I also can’t really afford another dog right now……….. but that’s besides the point. That doggie needs a home!

Anyways, have you learned anything about having a dog that maybe I haven’t learned yet that you want to share? I am constantly asking Maisie’s owner, Jamie, for information about anything that she thinks I should know and it has been so helpful.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

If you were to go through pictures on my phone right now, you would see pictures of wedding stuff, gym stuff, and then a whole bunch of pictures of my dog. Because let’s be honest, if you have a dog, you understand the need to take tons of pictures of your fur child. How can you not? They do the funniest, goofiest things, and honestly, it appears that most of you like Tank more than you even like reading this blog (I mean I really can’t blame you) so why not take a ton of pictures of him?

But today you need to know why Tank is the best dog ever.

Tank is really a model, and therefore works the camera at every angle.



This is all “I’m pretending you aren’t taking pictures of me so I’m going to look away and look all regal and smile and laugh because that’s what all you humans do in your pictures.”

Tank knows when I you need some dog loving in your life. 

Anytime I don’t feel good, he is right there to lay with me (taking up tons of room I might add, but I guess since I was on his couch it’s understandable…)

Tank could sleep all the time if I let him.

Oh human face? Let me just take a nap right there.

Seriously though, Tank will sleep in as late as I do and just loves to take naps.

Tank loves to binge watch TV shows. 

“Ugh, Lost are you serious? Another flash back scene?”

He was also obviously about to fall asleep while watching this, but seriously how funny is his position? One paw on the floor while he sleeps on the couch. #bigdogstatus.

Tank is happier than most humans are. 

“Mom, I love your blog. I love the real housewives. I love hanging out with you. Let’s hang out forever.”

He is rarely without a smile. He actually really does smile. If you don’t believe me ask anyone in my family. When he sees you in the morning or when he sees you after he hasn’t seen you all day he smiles at you. It’s actually quite terrifying at first because it looks like he is about to attack you but really he’s just smiling. I need to video it sometime so you guys can see it. It’s hilarious.

Tank is cooler than I am. 

Yeah Mom, I dug in the dirt, but who cares?

Just kidding, you’re terrifying, please don’t be mad at me.

Tank also knows how to pound it, and it’s the funniest thing ever. It was once “shake” but we decided that pound it was way better. He doesn’t react to shake anymore. It’s strictly “pound it” or he’s not doing it. Even if you stick out your arm to act like you’re going to pound it with him he won’t do it unless you literally say “pound it.” If that’s not genius or the most badass thing ever, I don’t know what is.

Tank’s selfie game is on point. 

Need I say more?

So there you have it. All reasons why my dog is the best ever. Please don’t be jealous.

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