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How We Save Money on Home Projects

If you’re new around here you may not know that me and the Mr. and big on DIY projects. Being that we are on a somewhat tight budget and have #bills we try to do as much DIY as possible to save money on our home. I am someone who will literally all of the sudden think of a project I want to do and will want to do it immediately. My poor husband. But that’s just how I am.

Because of that, I’ve done a ton of research since we bought our house last year to do all the DIY projects. Many things I want to do or have done are things like painting, updating trim, shiplap walls, putting in shelves, the usual things that general handyman charge a leg and an arm for. Because of this, I’ve learned how to save a ton of money on our home.


I have made it a point to do my own painting in our home. Painters are expensive (#amiright). Sure, they may get every paint job 100% perfect while I’m like 95%ishhhh accurate on things (Trim is hard to paint friends…) but simply buying the paint and then putting in my own couple hours to do the work saves us so. much. money.

We sanded and painted (and officially sealed as of this weekend) our own cabinets and saved soooo much money. Sure, it took like 4 days and was a nightmare but we LOVE how much of a difference this made. Plus this entire project only cost us about $50 (1 gallon of iconic white by sherwin williams and I did the bottom cabinets on 2 sample containers of a custom blend of valspar that I have no idea what the color was + primer = done project).


It’s no surprise to many that most of our projects in our home Matt creates with reclaimed wood. We are so blessed to have reclaimed wood from my dad and we have used it for so many home projects. *And by WE I mean Matt has made it with my insistence*

For example, our mantle, barn door, bench’s, shelving (in multiple rooms), and really any wood in our house came straight from a reclaimed barn into my home.


Shelves and door both reclaimed wood

Bench, mantle, and ladder all reclaimed wood projects.

Even if you’re buying wood – you can find good wood for reasonably priced. I personally think that Home Depot is a bit cheaper than Lowes if you have a good one near you. Go check them out or just call Matt and have him make you whatever you’re looking for 🙂

Know the Deals

There are many things I quickly learned when we were starting and updating our home. The first was that if I wanted to do these projects in my home (on my own/with Matt’s help) I was going to need to know the deals and how to get the itmes for a good price.

1.The first deal I found out about was that Lowes and Home depot will cut wood FOR YOU!!!! FOR FREE. Yes friends. For real.

I’ve ship-lapped two rooms and wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of Lowes & Home Depot. They cut all the boards for me (especially seeing as I’m not using the table saw ever with Matt’s accident) and all I had to do was nail it into the wall and paint it. THAT’S IT. Literally so easy and awesome.

2. The next deal you have to know about it when paint goes on sale. Paint is on sale a LOTat Lowe’s and they also normally have rebate’s going on as well so you can get $10 back or so. CHECK THOSE DEALS FRIENDS. Not only can you save by painting yourself but also through the paint itself.

I’ve also heard a rumor that Lowes will price match if you find something cheaper online. I’ve never tried this myself but I did hear through the grapevine that they do price match (not sure if this is a fact or not though).

Focus on the Lights

There are many rooms that can be totally transformed once you change up the lighting in them. If you have a homegoods near you don’t walk, don’t run, drive as fast as you can there and check out their lighting. They have some super cool light fixtures and lamps that can totally transform any room.

The best part?

Homegoods, At Home, and even World Market have super reasonable prices for light fixtures. I almost bought a new fixture for our laundry room that was only $50 but I walked away from it BUT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME in our laundry room. I’m going back one of these days I’m just not exactly sure when because lighting = everything.

Shop at the Best of the Best in Home Decor

If you read that statement above and didn’t immediately think “Hobby Lobby” you are doing it wrong. They have THE BEST sales. Like 50%-75% off the most wonderful things that you just neeeeeeed for your home regularly.

Next: Local antique/thrift stores. There is a vintage store called Vintage Keepers right up the road from our house that is owned by the most precious older couple that has the best stuff for the best price. The washboard in my laundry room below came from there for $12!!!!!!! I can’t make this up friends.

I’ve been really good lately on not spending money on things I don’t need (i.e. not going to Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, World Market, etc. on the weekends) but I have a long list of things I do want and am keeping an eye on when they go on sale.

Some of my other favorites include: Ross (yep), Tuesday Morning, Marshalls, Michaels, Kirklands and my online go-to’s are Wayfair and Overstock.

Beat the System

It may sound crazy but places like Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill have some awesome pieces of art for such good prices.  I have a couple rooms in my house that I am creating “themes” through art work in.

Laundry room/downstairs bathroom: Floral prints and flowers. I’m re-doing our bathroom downstairs and on the hunt for 3 smaller pieces of art that I can paint the frame of to go with the theme of our laundry room. Updates on that to come.

Library/Office upstairs: Cows & books because duh. I found the most awesome cow print at Kirklands that you can see here (but it’s not available online right now) and I got it for $25 instead of $70 #steal.  A few weeks ago I found another cow painting for $10 and knew I was going to make this room cow themed and book themed. I have a couple ideas on things I want to do in this room still but here’s the most recent update of one side of the room.

Kitchen has fruits, roosters, and encouragement in this room. Most all the paintings from this came from my parents or habitat for humanity- big steals my friend.

The point is, finding cool art and adding more of your “style” to your home can be done for a reasonable price by finding ideas you like online and then doing a bit of DIY to spice those pieces up a bit more to go with the rest of your room.

Do your Research

We recently attempted and successfully (for the most part) fixed our own broken water pipe in our home. This would have been awesome had our water bill not been $700 and requiring proof of an actual fix in the issue (see all about that here).

Regardless, the only reason we were able to attempt to fix it and save literally thousands of dollars and have water is because Matt did his research and spent hours on youtube and looking up the supplies and items we would need to fix this.

So many things in our home are DIY that have been trial and error and have also been the most fun to do in our home. We’ve saved a lot of money to use on other things but are still able to create a home we love and enjoy together in the process.

What Do you Do to Save Money on your Home?

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  • Love this post, girl! Couldn’t agree more with all of these points. We’ve been working for three years on sprucing up our oldish home, and while I don’t have quite the eye that you do, we’ve definitely been able to add some value. Your home is SO beautiful, and the before and afters are just incredible! Loved this post so much and hope a ton of people read it!