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What I Read: September & October

Falling a little behind on keeping you folks updated on what I’ve been reading lately. September and October were both great months in the book world.

On Second Thought

4 out of 5

This book is about two step sisters Kate and Ainsley. Ainsley is longing for her long time boyfriend to propose to her at anytime she can practically hear the wedding bells ringing. Kate, a recent newlywed, has just suffered a tragic event when her husband dies at a party they are attending. Through heartbreak these sisters come together to develop a strong bond. This was a light beach like read and had a great ending- it was a little long winded though probably about 50 pages too long and could have been cut down a bit.


5 out of 5

This book was so good. This book is about a lawyer who finds herself facing a case she still thinks about daily when her past client, Jason, comes to her 15 years later for attempted murder charges. Going back and forth between Jason’s first trial and what mistakes were made then to the present trial, Bennie has to figure out how to make up for what happened to Jason 15 years ago. I loved this book and will definitely be picking up more of Lisa Scottoline’s books.

All is Not Forgotten

5 out of 5

This is a pretty dark book. This story is about a high school girl who gets brutally raped at a party one weekend. After getting to the hospital, her parents are asked if they would like to give their daughter a new drug that erases her memory of the event. Thinking that this would be best for their daughter, they agree to give it to her. What they don’t know if that although Jenny can’t remember the event she can still feel the fear and emotions involved with her rape. This book is a deep one but I definitely did not see the ending coming and it was quite interesting.

Emma in the Night

5 out of 5

This book was nuts. I was sucked into this book immediately after starting it. Two sisters Cass and Emma disappear one night out of the blue. Three years later, Cass returns one night but Emma is still missing. The story follows along with what happened to Cass and her sister Emma and where is Emma is Cass is back. This was a good one friends, definitely pick this one up.

The Break Down

5 out of 5

I finished this book in one weekend and it was so good. This book is about a woman named Cass who is driving home one night in a storm and passes a car on the side of the road near her house. The next morning, she finds that the the lady in the car has been brutally murdered. Realizing that she could have possibly helped stop this, her guilt eats away at her while her anxiety continues to soar daily. Not to mention, she has begun forgetting many things and fearing she is turning into her mother who had dementia. I never saw this ending coming and it was crazy. Great book, great ending.

A Stranger in the House

4.5 out of 5

This book. Woah. This book is all about a newlywed couple living a seemingly normal life until one day Tom, the husband, comes home to find his house left in a strange way. No one has broken in, but he sees dinner in the process of being made, his wife’s purse, phone, and wallet all there, but she and her care are gone. It’s not until after Tom has called all of Karen’s friends when the police arrive to tell him there has been a horrible accident. What unfolds next is crazzzyyyy. Karen has literally run her car into a pole and was supposedly fleeing the scene of a murdered man. As the story unfolds you learn of a secret past, deception, and the end was NUTS. Super good read!

Local girl Missing

5 out of 5

Run and get this book. It left me with all the heebie-jeebies but it was so good. This book is about a girl, Sophie, who goes missing just about 20 years ago. Sophie’s body was never found which is why she was still declared missing. Until they find her remains. Her best friend, Frankie is called back to her hometown that she swore she’d never return to in order to find out what really happened the night Sophie disappeared. This book had ALL the twists and turns. Again, I didn’t see the ending coming on this one and was literally shocked by how it ended. Pick this one up next fo sho.

When I say that September/October has been a great month of reading I should preface it with the fact that Tank has eaten 3 library books forcing me to buy them. When I say he’s eaten them I mean he has literally town the cover to shreds. Luckily, the interior pages are good to go so I can still read the book I just have to buy a destroyed book from the library for full price. Note: they were hardbacks. Another note: they were not cheap. Yay for being a dog owner #amiright.

I’m at 41 books currently for the year and was hoping to get closer to 75 by the end of the year (not sure if that’s going to happen or not we will see!) but I’m always looking for more suggestions! If you know of a book that you LOVED- send it my way via email, blog comment, snail mail, text message, voicemail, whatever floats your boat.

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