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What I Read: November

A little behind on what I read in November (and to be honest, I was semi-disappointed in the books I read in November). I didn’t read very many and maybe that’s because all the books I read in November just weren’t my favorite. They weren’t horrible, but they just weren’t my favorite.

On Mystic Lake

4.5 out of 5

Now I will say, I do love me some Kristin Hannah. I can’t lie in saying that I didn’t enjoy this book (and cry like I always do in her books). This book is all about a marriage crumbling and a woman who finds herself back in her hometown, depressed, confused, and searching for who she is without her husband. This book was heart wrenching but had quite a few twists and turns that I didn’t see coming.


Bring Her Home

3.5 out of 5

Shortly after the death of his wife and the mother of their daughter, Bill finds himself in the hospital looking over his 15 year old brutally beaten daughter. Her friend, has been found dead at the scene. Bill begins to piece together to find out who did this to his daughter and her friend and through a series of twists and turns realizes that he doesn’t actually know who his daughter is. This was quite the thriller but I guessed what happened like half way through the book (and was right I might add) but it was overall just an okay book.

The Child

3 out of 5

This was just an okay book. It wasn’t anything too engrossing but it wasn’t boring either. The ending was by far the best but the entire book as a whole was just okay. I think I was just expecting more. This book centers around the remains of a baby that has been buried for years at a construction site where an old house once was. Kate, a journalist, sets her sights on figuring out whose baby this is and what happened. Her journey to find out what happens forces her to cross path’s with two women who believe it may be there baby. Without giving anything away, the ending was great but I felt that the middle was just a little slow overall.

Without Merit

5 out of 5

I just love me some Colleen Hoover. All of her books are just so so good and they always end just so happy and wonderful and I just love her. This book is about a girl named Merit who lives with quite a family. Her family lives in a renovated church, her dad is now married to her mom’s once was live in nurse while the mom still lives in the basement, her twin sister is on the verge of being a necrophiliac and her family could not be weirder in her mind. This book walks you through a love story that happens from the rawness and sadness that Merit is truly feeling on the inside. This is a good one friends, definitely pick this one up!

December is looking a little better in the book category. I’m hoping to do a post on my favorite books of the year and which ones really stuck with me. I have a few days off coming up that I plan on doing nothing but sit on my couch with the fire burning, Christmas music playing, coffee in one hand, and a book in the other.

Please share with me what you’re reading lately?? I have a huge stack that I gotta finish up soon to get back to the library but am always looking for more suggestions 🙂 


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