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    Week’s End: March Snow

    Can we all just reflect on the fact that March is (just about) half way over? I can’t even handle it. This month is flying by, this year is flying by, and this weekend definitely flew by.


    Friday I got off a little bit early from work so I went to run some errands while Matt finished up. I headed to Target (can we talk about how much cute shoes and clothes they have right now? Can we also talk about how cute their Threshold brand home decor stuff is?) I know, I know, this really isn’t news to anyone but everytime I’m there I just want to buy all the things.

    We headed home after work and watched two movies- Horrible Bosses and the Hangover II. Both great and hilarious.


    Saturday we woke up and started our day off in a lazy state of coffee on the couch, How I met your mother in the background and (maybe) a late morning nap on my end. The best kind of naps.

    Around lunch time we headed to Lowe’s because #newhomeownerprojects are always underway in our house.

    I really wanted to do some industrial piping shelves in our office. We are planning on re-doing it and making it an office/sitting room for upstairs. It used to have both of our desks in there and a book shelf but now we are transitioning it to have one desk a couch, tv, shelves, etc.

    At Lowes we realized our budget for the pipe shelves was going to be blown so we decided to start with the minimum pieces to get the project going and then end up adding to it over time.

    For whatever reason, when we first moved into this house back in August I was determined to have an accent wall in our office. I wanted it to be super dark green or blue but unfortunately it just never really turned out to be what I wanted.

    We wanted to do some awesome paneling to cover the wall and we found some at lowes (I’ll do an entire DIY post on these shelves and project later this week!)

    Saturday we put up all the paneling and decided to call it a day after it was all put up.

    Saturday night we ordered in take out and settled in to watch Horrible Bosses 2.


    Sunday we woke up to the most beautiful snow!

    It snowed all morning long until about 11:00. We got about 2 inches. And then. By 1:00 it was all gone. Literally all melted. If you had woken up at like 1:30 in the afternoon you would have never known it had snowed. It was such a bummer because I love love love when it snows.

    While it was snowing I made blueberry muffins and we spent the morning drinking coffee, watching the snow fall, and I finished up one of my March reads.

    Sunday afternoon we decided to finish up this fun project:

    It was a little messy and it took us a little longer than we thought but it was so fun to do together and definitely satisfying to get our new shelves put up.

    I still have some rearranging to do and we still may end up adding one more shelf to the top but we ran out of the special screws we were using for the industrial piping. I also plan on adding a little more piping to attach the shelves but that will come another day/month.

    Sunday night we watched Lord of the Rings and The Secret Life of Pets (I know, quite the move connoisseur’s) then headed to bed.

    Happy Monday peeps!

    Life Lately, Recent Reads

    What I Read: February

    Another month in 2017 down and another set of books read for the month. Here’s a recap on what I read in December. To see what I read in January go here.

    November 9

    5 out of 5

    Oh my gosh all the feels and love for this book. This was the first Colleen Hoover book I’ve picked up and oh my goodness it did not disappoint. This book focuses on an 18 year old girl and boy who make a pact to see each other every year on November 9th. The day has meaning to both of them and through love and betrayal and regret you learn about their pasts. It was SO good and one of my favorite books I’ve read this year so far. GO GET THIS BOOK.

     Missing, Presumed

    3 out of 5

    Wow this book just made me angry at times. It was incredibly interesting but also just annoying. The book focuses on a young college girl is reported missing by her boyfriend one day. We learn about her past but also her families past and how bad decisions can lead to people dying and relationships ruined. This was also a British literature novel so they had some interesting slogans here and there but overall I just didn’t like how this book ended it just made me mad.

    All the Missing Girls

    4.5 out of 5

    This was one of those, can’t put it down but also leaves you with the heebie geebies a little bit. This book focused on the point of view of a young woman named Nicolette (Nicki). Nicki grew up in a small town and as soon as she turned 18 she moved away and started over. 10 years later, she’s brought back home to help sell her fathers house. It just so happens to be the 10 year reunion of her best friend from growing up going missing. Nicki feels brought back in time to the disappearance of her best friend when all of the sudden another girl goes missing. This story goes backwards in time and was a little confusing at times to draw it all together but ultimately it was so stinking good.

    The Girl Before

    4.5 out of 5

    This is one of those books that immediately pulls you in. I was hooked on this book by page 2. This book centers on a girl named Carla who is taken into sex trafficking when she is 6 years old. Her story is not the average story and everything goes back and forth between her life now in therapy and bringing her husband and the leader of the sex trafficking to justice- to then when she was experiencing and dealing with the day to day operations. But, after 13 years she is rescued and now has the option to bring her husband whom she has actually come to love to justice. This book is heart wrenching but one that draws you in so fast you can’t put it down.

    These Girls

    4 out of 5

    I had heard raving reviews about this book and this author and I would say it was a generally good book overall but it wasn’t the best book in the world either. This book focuses on the lives of three girls. Cate, a features editor in a celebrity magazine in New York. Renee, her roommate and also worker at said high fashion magazine office in New York. Abby, a girl who stumbled into their lives that is running from something but they aren’t exactly sure what yet. Each girl has their set of secretes, problems, and fears dangling in front of them. Will Cate tell people her past? Will Renee continue to spiral down? Will Abby reveal what happens? Obviously you should read it to find out.

    Overall I didn’t read as many books as I did this past January but still had a great selection of books to read over this short month. Definitely go pick up some of these books- you will not be disappointed!

    Life Lately, Our Home

    DIY Shiplap Wall

    A few weeks ago I got the bug for another DIY home project. The last few DIY projects that we’ve done have included painting a few rooms, putting our mantle up, putting up our barn door, and other small projects here and there (you can see all those projects on my instagram!)

    Here are the materials you will need:



    Nail Gun

    Miter saw





    This room was a yellowish color with this beautiful (but poorly put up) shelf below that the old home owners had put up.

    I purchased 4 4×8 plywood sheets from Lowes and had them cut them to be 6 inches high. I know some stores charge you for cuts but my Lowe’s didn’t charge so you’ll just have to play that one by ear.

    I started by painting the other walls so I could be done with that since I knew I’d be painting the shiplap. I also knew I wanted to stagger my wall a bit ( you’ll see what I mean by that in the pictures below.)

    I put up my first wall slat and nailed it in after checking to make sure it was level.

    After that you just continue the process on and on until you finish. I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s seriously that simple. I just kept praying I would get to the end and everything would be lined up accordingly. Thank the good lord it was.

    The hardest part was jigsawing out the places for the outlets to go but thanks to the guidance of my husband I was able to get that figured out and we were able to cover those correctly.

    Once all the slats had been put up I primed the wood with primer before painting it. I used a basic primer that I got from lowes that I have used on many house projects that needed primer.

    After priming I put on two coats of Iconic White by Sherwin Williams.

    I still don’t have any furniture in this room and there is little decor in here but once I start decorating this room I’ll have more pictures of everything.

    Overall this project was super fun and an easy weekend project. There are a couple things I will note about this:

    • You will likely need someone to help you hold up the pieces of wood in the beginning (I couldn’t have done the beginning stages of this project without Matt’s help)
    • Everywhere online will tell you that you need caulk. I did not need or use any caulk. I used 1 1/2 inch nails to nail gun in everything and when I primed and then painted everything I didn’t need to caulk those areas. I also like the gaps and small lines in between each board to show the definition but if you want to caulk everything then caulk away
    • I wanted this project to be on a flat wall before trying to figure out angles and specific cuts like some shiplap projects. I’m so glad I had a flat wall and was just doing an accent wall. Overall I would have lost my mind if I had to cut more wood or jigsaw anything else (I’m not the most patient person).

    Matt is convinced I’ll end up shiplapping something else. Who knows, maybe I’ll get the bug again. For now, this project is complete and I’m on to the next one!

    Life Lately, Our Home

    Week’s End: President’s Weekend

    Long weekends when you have Monday’s off and Saturday is really Friday and Sunday is really Saturday and Monday is Sunday are just the best. If I were President, I would likely make 3 day weekends permanent. Just keeping it real.


    Saturday started off as a slow morning of coffee, some netflix, and then a quick trip to Lowe’s for a house project I planned on doing.

    After that quick errand and bringing in lots of random things bought at lowes for said project, Matt and I headed over to meet some friends at a bar near our house. We arrived at 1:00ish and planned to bop around charlotte and visit a few other places but ended up staying there until about 8:00 that night. Woof.

    After many rounds of heads up and picolo we headed home. We watched Finding Dory when we got home and when I say we watched I mean I watched the first 10 minutes and then fell asleep. So is life.


    Sunday was the day that I decided to start my house project for the month of February. We have an entire room in our home that is an additional living room that we don’t use. We don’t have the furniture right now to fill the room so we haven’t done anything to it since we moved in. The room was a strange yellow and I was desperate to finally paint it and bring in some better color.

    Whhhyyyyyy paint a room that color? Just why.


    I started prepping for painting and got ready to paint three of the four walls as I was planning on shiplap DIY’ing that wall you see in the picture above. I painted the three walls Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore which is also the color of my other den and I lovvveee it. It’s a true greige. See the color below:

    After running out of paint in the middle of my second coat I decided to take a break and pick up the rest of my project on Monday.

    It was a BEAUTIFUL day here on Saturday and I spent some time reading one of the books I just finished up for my February reads, The Girl Before.

    This one loved being outside all weekend. What a model.

    Saturday night we headed over to my brother and sister in laws house to celebrate my sweet nephew turning 9! We hung out with family and obviously ate some pizza and cake. After that we headed to my other brother and sister in law’s house to borrow the nail gun from my brother in law so that I could put up my shiplap wall! I had planned to start on the project Saturday night but when we got home we were so tired we just decided to go to bed.

    Except that I stayed up way too late finishing that book above but oh well.


    Monday I got up pretty early to get to work on the shiplap wall and to also finish painting everywhere. I promise I plan to do an entire post on how to DIY a shiplap wall later this week (or early next week!)

    After waking up and drinking a cup of coffee I got to work.

    Because of Matt’s accident a month ago, he isn’t able to help me as much in house projects and we’ve put a few ideas and projects on hold. Thankfully he was the best guidance and helped me so much and encouraged me on this entire project.

    We started at the top and worked our way down. I used a nail gun, miter saw, and jigsaw all by myself (again with Matt standing there guiding me and coaching me the entire time) but I was so proud of myself. Real talk most of the time I would just ask Matt to do all said house projects that involved more than a hammer and nail. But now, I’m getting to learn and do things on my own (which Matt loves I’m sure).

    It took all day and a lot of patience but I finally finished the entire room around 6. I’d say it was pretty worth it.

    There are still some touch ups to be done (and the lighting is horrible in the above picture) but I’m super pumped to have transformed this room in one weekend! I’m hoping to have the entire DIY updated with lots more pictures later this week! Just know, if I can do it you can do it.

    We ate crockpot buffalo chicken chili last night for dinner and it was deeeeelissshhhhhussss. So good. I got the recipe from here. Then it was off to sleep to prepare for the rest of this week!

    Happy Tuesday friends!

    Life Lately

    Post Valentines Love Story

    I was scrolling through my Facebook feed yesterday when I happened upon this post by The Lady Okie. 10 questions to throw out there this Valentine’s Week to share your love story for all the world (or you handful of people) who read this.

    When did you meet?  The glory years of high school. Specifically, 2009-2010

    How did you meet? Oh gosh okay well we met in high school. I was a wee sophomore point guard and he was a large junior football player. My high school basketball coach had her son’s church ball team scrimmage us during practice in order for us to practice against harder teams we were competing with that week. Matt was on the team that scrimmaged us and I knew of him a lot earlier than I ever actually met him. I didn’t actually talk to him until my junior year of high school and his senior year.

    First Date: Well, we somewhat debate on this. The first time Matt took me to dinner (Outback) was in June of 2011. We then went to the zoo together a few weeks later which Matt considers our “first date.” I consider the night we spent at Outback Steakhouse and then Pinkberry after is our first date (I mean he paid so there).

    Date you got engaged: January 3rd 2015


    Marriage Anniversary: December 20th, 2015 (Close to Christmas and I love love love it because we saved A TON on decor for our wedding. Boom).

    What is your song? Bad question. I grew up loving listening to music with my dad and hearing things from The Police to Bruno Mars. Matt doesn’t share the same desire to guess the singer and song on the radio. Anyways, we used to say our song was Play That Funky Music because one time when we first started dating it came on the radio in the car and we blasted it and sang all 6 minutes of it at the top of our lungs and it’s one of my favorite memories ever.

    Do you remember the first movie you saw together? The Other Guys and I didn’t even watch it because I fell asleep and thought it was boring. Matt’s a movie guru and I read books. It’s just how it is and how it’s always been.

    First road trip together? Not including the Zoo I’d say his families reunion in Walterboro. We had only been dating a few months and we headed down there to Walterboro and I met majority of his extended family.

    Who was interested first? I’m going to say him but I was for sure interested. He was very straight forward like “are we doing this dating thing? Because I think we should.” And I was very “you’re super great and super nice and opposite of me but let’s do it.” But secretly I was like OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU ALREADY.

    Who said I love you first? He did and it was precious and I love him so so so much yesterday and today and will continue to love him more everyday for the rest of our lives.

    Happy Valentines Week, friends!