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    DIY Faux Brick Veneer Wall

    Hiiiiii to all you friends out there! This post has been a long time coming… and by long time I mean like 3 weeks. Alas! I’m able to finally get to this now that Thanksgiving has come and gone and can share this awesome transformation we made in our butlers pantry at our home!

    Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

    Brick Veneer

    Circular Saw

    White Paint

    Drywall Joint Compound


    Paint Brush

    Sand Paper (optional)

    Once you gather all your supplies and have measured out the area you’re going to be working on, then fun begins!

    I took this coffee bar here and decided to brick veneer it to give it a little more life. I had to cut around our shelves below because they were actually stuck in the drywall.

    After measuring and cutting the pieces with our circular saw, I drilled screws into the panels to keep them in the wall. You can do this or use a nail gun if you prefer. We don’t have a nail gun so drilling with screws was the way for us to go.

    Putting the panel up was the hardest part. The next part is white-washing/puttying the panels to give it more texture and the color you’re looking for.

    For this, just take your Trowel and Joint Compound and swipe it down on the panels. I would suggest making sure that all of the black lines between the bricks are covered with the joint compound to keep the texture and consistency throughout the wall.

    Once you’ve finished with the joint compound wait awhile for everything to dry. If you’d like to bring out more red and less white, you can take some sand paper and sand over what you just did.

    This project only took me one afternoon and was something I was able to do by myself which was SO great because most of the time I’m too impatient to wait on my husband for help 🙂

    Recent Reads

    What I Read: September & October

    Falling a little behind on keeping you folks updated on what I’ve been reading lately. September and October were both great months in the book world.

    On Second Thought

    4 out of 5

    This book is about two step sisters Kate and Ainsley. Ainsley is longing for her long time boyfriend to propose to her at anytime she can practically hear the wedding bells ringing. Kate, a recent newlywed, has just suffered a tragic event when her husband dies at a party they are attending. Through heartbreak these sisters come together to develop a strong bond. This was a light beach like read and had a great ending- it was a little long winded though probably about 50 pages too long and could have been cut down a bit.


    5 out of 5

    This book was so good. This book is about a lawyer who finds herself facing a case she still thinks about daily when her past client, Jason, comes to her 15 years later for attempted murder charges. Going back and forth between Jason’s first trial and what mistakes were made then to the present trial, Bennie has to figure out how to make up for what happened to Jason 15 years ago. I loved this book and will definitely be picking up more of Lisa Scottoline’s books.

    All is Not Forgotten

    5 out of 5

    This is a pretty dark book. This story is about a high school girl who gets brutally raped at a party one weekend. After getting to the hospital, her parents are asked if they would like to give their daughter a new drug that erases her memory of the event. Thinking that this would be best for their daughter, they agree to give it to her. What they don’t know if that although Jenny can’t remember the event she can still feel the fear and emotions involved with her rape. This book is a deep one but I definitely did not see the ending coming and it was quite interesting.

    Emma in the Night

    5 out of 5

    This book was nuts. I was sucked into this book immediately after starting it. Two sisters Cass and Emma disappear one night out of the blue. Three years later, Cass returns one night but Emma is still missing. The story follows along with what happened to Cass and her sister Emma and where is Emma is Cass is back. This was a good one friends, definitely pick this one up.

    The Break Down

    5 out of 5

    I finished this book in one weekend and it was so good. This book is about a woman named Cass who is driving home one night in a storm and passes a car on the side of the road near her house. The next morning, she finds that the the lady in the car has been brutally murdered. Realizing that she could have possibly helped stop this, her guilt eats away at her while her anxiety continues to soar daily. Not to mention, she has begun forgetting many things and fearing she is turning into her mother who had dementia. I never saw this ending coming and it was crazy. Great book, great ending.

    A Stranger in the House

    4.5 out of 5

    This book. Woah. This book is all about a newlywed couple living a seemingly normal life until one day Tom, the husband, comes home to find his house left in a strange way. No one has broken in, but he sees dinner in the process of being made, his wife’s purse, phone, and wallet all there, but she and her care are gone. It’s not until after Tom has called all of Karen’s friends when the police arrive to tell him there has been a horrible accident. What unfolds next is crazzzyyyy. Karen has literally run her car into a pole and was supposedly fleeing the scene of a murdered man. As the story unfolds you learn of a secret past, deception, and the end was NUTS. Super good read!

    Local girl Missing

    5 out of 5

    Run and get this book. It left me with all the heebie-jeebies but it was so good. This book is about a girl, Sophie, who goes missing just about 20 years ago. Sophie’s body was never found which is why she was still declared missing. Until they find her remains. Her best friend, Frankie is called back to her hometown that she swore she’d never return to in order to find out what really happened the night Sophie disappeared. This book had ALL the twists and turns. Again, I didn’t see the ending coming on this one and was literally shocked by how it ended. Pick this one up next fo sho.

    When I say that September/October has been a great month of reading I should preface it with the fact that Tank has eaten 3 library books forcing me to buy them. When I say he’s eaten them I mean he has literally town the cover to shreds. Luckily, the interior pages are good to go so I can still read the book I just have to buy a destroyed book from the library for full price. Note: they were hardbacks. Another note: they were not cheap. Yay for being a dog owner #amiright.

    I’m at 41 books currently for the year and was hoping to get closer to 75 by the end of the year (not sure if that’s going to happen or not we will see!) but I’m always looking for more suggestions! If you know of a book that you LOVED- send it my way via email, blog comment, snail mail, text message, voicemail, whatever floats your boat.

    Life Lately

    Current Favorites: Podcast

    Lately I’ve been on a podcast kick. I typically listen to them when I’m cooking or cleaning at home and I’ve found 4 of my most recent favorites to listen to lately (and ones I want everyone to listen to so I can discuss with them).

    Dirty John

    It sounds weird, I know. It is so so good people. This podcast is all about a guy, John, who “falls in love” with a lady named Debbie. They meet online and begin moving very quickly in their relationship. It’s not until Debbie’s family begins noticing things that are a little off about John that the story really begins to unfold. Without giving anything away here, I didn’t see the end coming AND I listened to this entire podcast in 24 hours. It’s that good and you hear from the actual people discussed in the podcast. GO LISTEN.


    I recently finished season one of this a few weeks ago. I just started season 2 which is about a lady named Retha who is found murdered in her apartment. She’s 54 years old with a past of drug addiction but has recently become a Christian woman helping to mend the lives of other addicts and previous felons. This one updates weekly and there are only 4 episodes right now but the first season is pretty good as well (although has no real ending which is not my favorite- sorry for that spoiler).

    A Murder on Orchard Street

    This podcast just came out last week but I’m already hooked. This is about a murder that took place in 2003 of a 25 year old banker, Burke. He’s shot on Orchard Street and the podcast takes you back through the scene of the crime and what really went down. These episodes (there are only a few right now) are only 15-20 minutes long but their still pretty good.

    Generation Why

    This is probably my new favorite podcast. Each episode is different but I’m hooked. Similar to Criminal, this is two guys who take you through cold cases, crazy murders, kidnappings, etc. The episodes are about an hour long but they keep you hooked the entire time.

    What are some of your favorite podcasts? I’m always looking for more suggestions!

    Life Lately

    Some Thoughts on Life Lately

    If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you probably know the world is filled with a lot of sadness, hate, and controversy right now. Don’t believe me? Just sit on social media for all of 3 minutes.

    Told ya.

    Today I’m sharing a lighthearted outlook on some different thoughts I have had the past few days on things going on in the world.

    Let’s get started.

    Fixer Upper is OVER. 

    What. Even.

    When I heard this I thought “THIS IS IT. ME AND MATT CAN BE THE NEXT CHIP AND JOANNA WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!”

    Then reality hit. Matt would never wanna be on TV- I would have serious control issues on TV and the world would hate me. Goodbye dreams.

    When Matt dragged me out of bed at 5:00 Tuesday morning to workout…

    I thought all about how I’d rather do literally ANYTHING else then get up.

    When I walked into said gym Matt made me go to and the front desk man said…. “Well hey stranger”

    DUDE IT’S 5:30 I’M HERE OKAY?!

    NFL Players vs. Trump

    Let’s be honest: Trump probably has a fantasy league and he got jipped out of all the good fantasy players this year and decided to see if he could stir the pot to see about getting the good players benched/kicked off the team so he could have a chance at winning.


    But also that’s definitely not it.

    This Is Us is back…

    I can’t watch it. My emotions literally cannot handle that show.

    I have watched the first 5 or so episodes of the first season. But I can’t watch anymore. Ever. My emotions literally can’t even with that show.

    That is how I was with parenthood. Watched all of it. Was so sad at the end. Can’t do it again.

    When you realize it’s the longest week ever…

    Can it please be Friday.


    Asking for a friend.

    Life Lately

    Life Lately

    Here’s a little sneak peak into what’s going on lately in the Hall household.

    Working On:

    All the home decor. I have a ton of projects in the works that I want to get finished before Thanksgiving. I’m hosting Thanksgiving again this year for my family and Matt’s family and I have lots of things I want completed by the time that rolls around. Right now I’m working on a gallery wall in our downstairs bathroom. I’m still getting this one together but am loving how it’s coming together!


    All of the football. Alllllll of the football. All day Sunday starting at 1:00 (sometimes a little after 1:30 depending on when I get back from the grocery store) the three of us (Tank included) plop on the couch to watch and see how our Fantasy Team plans on performing.

    Most of the time this ends with me cursing my team because I don’t have the “best” players. BUT my boy Marshawn Lynch sure was feeling himself this past Sunday. I’m working on picking up some more players that will help my lineup out a little bit more. I blogged about all the fantasy football feels here if you’re interested in my crazy line up.


    Listening to

    A couple podcasts here and there. I caught all the way up on Criminal after being like 50 episodes behind. I listened to a few of Sword & Scale but couldn’t get into it (it was mega weird in some episodes to that I couldn’t listen to).

    Basically if any of you have any recommendations please holla at your girl.

    On Spotify I’m listening to all of the Amy Winehouse & Billie Holiday when I cook. I just love me some Amy & Billie.


    For fall of course. Trader Joes has THE BEST pumpkins and flowers right now. I mean just fantastic for SUCH good prices. If you’re looking for some good fall decor obviously go to Marshalls or Homegoods.

    Or don’t go. Because I promise you you will spend all of the money on all of the things.


    I posted my most recent reads last week here. I just finished a couple books and just started on All is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker. I just got into it but it’s pretty interesting right from the start which is my kind of book.


    Some different projects here and there. I want to chalkboard my pantry door in my kitchen to write fun things on there menu’s for the week etc. so I may end up doing that this weekend.

    I’m also planning on getting more pumpkins and some mums this weekend for my front porch. My grandma (hi Gigi!) is coming to visit and see my house for the first time in a few weeks and I am so excited for her to see it and want it looking perfect for her visit 🙂

    That’s about all that’s been going on with us in the Hall household. Pretty much same ole’ same ole’ but it is nice to recap for all of you 123048021938520 people to read about. I kid, all 3 of you mainly my family.