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My love/hate relationship with Pinterest

You’ve heard of Pinterest right? I mean, if you’ve been around for the past few years you’ve probably heard of this little site but if you are a girl you have definitely heard about this site. 
I love Pinterest, but I hate Pinterest.
Don’t you agree? I mean Pinterest is fabulous. Need outfit ideas? It’s got you covered. Need new healthy recipe’s to try out? It’s there. Need some decorating ideas? Look no further. But I mean how many times (if you’re like me) do you sit there and think “oh my dear Jesus, I will never amount to Pinterest worthiness.”

Example of Pinterest worthy picture:

Obviously I’m going to click on this because I love to read and I’ve read quite a few of those books above which I loved.
I read a lot of different blogs. A lot of really successful blogs have the fancy pictures with the fancy words and fancy writing and fancy everything that I think how does anyone have time to do those sort of pictures and writing? Maybe that’s just me though.
But in all honesty, Pinterest is one of my go-to websites for resources ranging from Speech Therapy activities, to wedding planning, to outfit ideas, to good books to read. It’s a wealth of goodness in those areas. But I still kinda hate it.

Let me explain why I love and hate this site so much.

It makes me feel like I need more money. I mean if you look at all the beautiful outfits, decorating ideas, etc. doesn’t it just make you feel like if only you had some more money for this stuff then your house/wardrobe/life would be pinteresty? I know that’s probably pretty shallow sounding but I mean come on, who doesn’t think every once in awhile man, I love that but who can afford to make their house look that beautiful?

It’s the best resource for ideas which is good and bad. When I was in school this past spring I used Pinterest to come up with Speech Therapy activities for children, looked up good helpful websites to get knowledge and resourceful information from on Speech Therapy, and overall used this site quite a bit. It’s a wealth of knowledge (did I mention that yet?). I mean people have such great ideas and they are giving it out for the world to see (if you’re on Pinterest that is) and that is wonderful. But then sometimes I feel like I’m doing less work because I’m using someone else’s ideas or help for something that maybe I should be brainstorming a bit more of? Who knows. 
Pinterest makes me want to do things that I have told myself I didn’t want to do.

I keep telling myself that having Tank around on our wedding day is just not something I want to do and then I see things like this and I’m like OH MY GOSH TANK HAS TO BE PART OF THIS I NEED TO BUY HIM A DOG TUX LIKE YESTERDAY HE WOULD BE PERFECT IN THESE PICTURES. But then thinking realistically, it’s like what would I do with him before and after the wedding? Dilemma’s I tell ya.
Pinterest is a constant reminder that I will never be a photographer or a cook. I mean I like to cook and I like to take pictures but the food and the photography captured on Pinterest makes me realize that there is no way on this beautiful Earth that I will ever be a fabulous cook or a photographer. 
Seriously both the food and the photography of this picture is perfect. The lighting, the colors of the food, the effect on the picture, all of it is perfection. Here’s what my food pictures look like:
Acai bowl. See that shadow? And how this just looks like not the best thing ever? Yeah, definitely not Pinterest worthy. 
Pinterest makes me wish that I could just travel the world and forget about all responsibilities. But really, when you see things like “10 things to do in France” and you’re just like “YES, I WOULD LOVE TO SHOP AND DRINK COFFEE AND SEE BEAUTIFUL CITIES AND SITES THERE!” It’s kinda just like okay. Well, you have a job, and a life, and lots of responsibilities so maybe in 50 years when you are (hopefully) retired you can go there if you aren’t sleeping your life away from all the busyness you have on a daily basis now. Phew. All the feelings on that one.
Pinterest always has those things you don’t want to see. You know what I’m talking about right? The “10 things they don’t tell you when you have a baby” OH MY GOSH NEVER WANT CHILDREN NOW GROSS. Or the “What not to do when you’re about to move” Wait, what? Or this one…
 Hope you don’t live in one of these cities or go travel to them… I never even thought some of these places were that bad! 
Don’t get me wrong. I like Pinterest a lot. In college I would surf Pinterest like nobodies business just because I was a little bored in class or just wanted to be entertained. There is SO much stuff on there and so much stuff constantly being uploaded on there and it really has everything you could possibly dream of searching for. But I still have a love/hate relationship with it. 
What about you? How do you feel about Pinterest? Am I crazy is the real question I’m asking…

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