Life Lately

Life Lately

Here’s a little sneak peak into what’s going on lately in the Hall household.

Working On:

All the home decor. I have a ton of projects in the works that I want to get finished before Thanksgiving. I’m hosting Thanksgiving again this year for my family and Matt’s family and I have lots of things I want completed by the time that rolls around. Right now I’m working on a gallery wall in our downstairs bathroom. I’m still getting this one together but am loving how it’s coming together!


All of the football. Alllllll of the football. All day Sunday starting at 1:00 (sometimes a little after 1:30 depending on when I get back from the grocery store) the three of us (Tank included) plop on the couch to watch and see how our Fantasy Team plans on performing.

Most of the time this ends with me cursing my team because I don’t have the “best” players. BUT my boy Marshawn Lynch sure was feeling himself this past Sunday. I’m working on picking up some more players that will help my lineup out a little bit more. I blogged about all the fantasy football feels here if you’re interested in my crazy line up.


Listening to

A couple podcasts here and there. I caught all the way up on Criminal after being like 50 episodes behind. I listened to a few of Sword & Scale but couldn’t get into it (it was mega weird in some episodes to that I couldn’t listen to).

Basically if any of you have any recommendations please holla at your girl.

On Spotify I’m listening to all of the Amy Winehouse & Billie Holiday when I cook. I just love me some Amy & Billie.


For fall of course. Trader Joes has THE BEST pumpkins and flowers right now. I mean just fantastic for SUCH good prices. If you’re looking for some good fall decor obviously go to Marshalls or Homegoods.

Or don’t go. Because I promise you you will spend all of the money on all of the things.


I posted my most recent reads last week here. I just finished a couple books and just started on All is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker. I just got into it but it’s pretty interesting right from the start which is my kind of book.


Some different projects here and there. I want to chalkboard my pantry door in my kitchen to write fun things on there menu’s for the week etc. so I may end up doing that this weekend.

I’m also planning on getting more pumpkins and some mums this weekend for my front porch. My grandma (hi Gigi!) is coming to visit and see my house for the first time in a few weeks and I am so excited for her to see it and want it looking perfect for her visit 🙂

That’s about all that’s been going on with us in the Hall household. Pretty much same ole’ same ole’ but it is nice to recap for all of you 123048021938520 people to read about. I kid, all 3 of you mainly my family.

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