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Laundry Room Makeover

Slowly but surely I’ve been updating our home to be more of our style. When we first bought our home the walls were plastered with yellow’s, green’s, and just some interesting color choices I personally would not have chosen.

Most of the time a random home project just pops in my head and I’m like “yes, gotta do it. Gotta do it now. Must start on said project and finish within 4 hours or else.” I am not the most patient person and I honestly just think of doing things randomly after seeing something on pinterest or just thinking about our home.

We’ve DIY’d everything since buying this home. Our budget just doesn’t meet the “complete renovation” status quite yet. We’ve done our kitchen (painted the cabinets, painted the walls, added backsplash, updated lighting, and took out some shelves in the wall (not pictured below)).

Cabinet color top: Sherwin Williams iconic white

We’ve painted walls in our living room, painted our fireplace, my awesome husband created us a custom beam mantle and we sit and enjoy this room everyday.

Wall color: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Fireplace color: Sherwin Williams iconic white

We’ve painted and ship-lapped our den. We’ve yet to add any furniture to this room but at least we’ve gotten the structure taken care of!

Wall color: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Ship lap wall: Sherwin Williams Iconic White

We’ve updated our entry way trip and stairs to be black. I’ve also painted all the doors in our home (except the kitchen) to be black as well. I’m all about making things pop and black doors are a must for that.

And the last big project that I’ve completed is our laundry room. I’m going to be honest with you when I say our laundry room has always been something that’s got me cringing whenever I walk in there. Our washer and dryer are two different colors (but honestly I don’t care because they came with our home PTL), the floor is this horrendous linoleum like plastic flooring that shows every possible stain that could come about, the walls were yellow, it was just our clutter/throw shit in room to be honest.

Here are some before pictures so you can understand what I was/had been dealing with:

I started looking for inspiration on other people’s blogs and pinterest and decided I was going to transform this area in one long weekend (thank you President’s day for your help in this project). This room is really a place for me to do laundry and where Tank’s crate is so I didn’t need it to be too fancy or anything but I did desperately need an upgrade

I decided to farmhouse up my laundry room and go with some black and shiplap to really just upgrade this area.

For the shiplap boards I just went to lowes and had them cut plywood to be 4×6 pieces. I didn’t want to go too thick but I also wanted to be sure it looked like true shiplap. You can see in the above picture we also have some lovely pipes coming into our laundry room from our water heater in our garage. I was determined to make those look like part of the design or to be just not so horrible looking. (You can also read this post here where I shiplapped a wall in our home and gave all the great instructions for how to do this!)

I painted the boards, you guessed it, Sherwin Williams iconic white. Who would have thought. It’s just my favorite shade of white ever. Again, all you’d need for this project is a nail gun, pieces of shiplap boards, spacers (or you can use nickles), a level, and if you’re super particular some caulk but your girl is not super particular so I never do this part.

To get to my laundry room you have to walk through the beautiful door my once again awesome husband put up for me as one of the first house upgrades we did.

Now, when you walk in it’s heavenly.

Overall this space is MUCH better to look at and be in. It makes me happy instead of slightly put off. I’m so excited with how it turned out. This was a fun, inexpensive way to update our laundry room.

One thing that marriage and my financially wonderful husband has taught me over the last few years is that you don’t always have to have every piece of a project completed in one time. And what I mean by that is we still need to replace the flooring in this room and the light fixture but instead of overspending and splurging on these things I’ve learned to wait and enjoy what’s already been done and save up for those minor things. I know, who am I?!

We also have a bathroom in here that Matt is making a custom barn sliding door for. I still need to touch up paint in there as well but will post pictures of that when it’s completed.

I’m no longer annoyed with being in this room anymore and really enjoyed getting to re-do it on a budget. All the items on the shelves above our washer and dryer either came from goodwill, habitat for humanity, Marshalls, or I already had them in my house.

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