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I’ve been a it MIA

Hellllooooooo world! It’s been, ahem, quite sometime since I’ve stopped in over here to chat. And by quite sometime I’d say its been about a year or so since I’ve been regularly blogging. I guess you could say I’ve been a bit MIA.

I have some good reasons and some not so great reasons why I’ve been gone and what we’ve been up to over here.

First off, I work at a digital marketing company. Which means I stare at a computer screen and talk to people all. day. long. Literally the last thing I want to do when I get home is get my laptop out and stare more at a screen and produce thought. Instead, I eat dinner and plop myself on the couch to totally decompress and destress from the day. And guess what?! I’M NOT SORRY. Sorry that was a little aggressive but I’m really not sorry.

Second off, I really haven’t felt like I’ve had much to say on here. Sure, I could talk to you all about the recent/updates I’ve done to my house or the fun weekend I’ve had with friends, or the funny things Tank has been doing lately buuuut it really just boils down to the fact that I’ve been lazy. There. I said it. I’ve been too lazy okay?!

I mean you have to take pictures and plan and then upload said pictures to computer and then edit them if need be and then post them and I’D RATHER BE NAPPING.

But lately this place has been calling me back and tugging at me to begin writing on again. I’m not making any promises on how often I’ll be posting back on here or what I’ll be posting about but I am going to make a little more of an effort.

So we’ll see right? And if you forgot all about me and don’t care that I’m back that’s cool too. Carry on with your day like any other, no offense taken here. BUT if you were once a follower of this little space and are totally excited to continue hearing about the awkward, semi entertaining aspects of my life then welcome. Come one come all.

Now to leave you with a hilarious picture for your Monday of me and the Mr. HAPPY MONDAY PEEPS!


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  • Yay! So glad to see your name pop up in my bloglovin’ feed again 🙂