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DIY Shiplap Wall

A few weeks ago I got the bug for another DIY home project. The last few DIY projects that we’ve done have included painting a few rooms, putting our mantle up, putting up our barn door, and other small projects here and there (you can see all those projects on my instagram!)

Here are the materials you will need:



Nail Gun

Miter saw





This room was a yellowish color with this beautiful (but poorly put up) shelf below that the old home owners had put up.

I purchased 4 4×8 plywood sheets from Lowes and had them cut them to be 6 inches high. I know some stores charge you for cuts but my Lowe’s didn’t charge so you’ll just have to play that one by ear.

I started by painting the other walls so I could be done with that since I knew I’d be painting the shiplap. I also knew I wanted to stagger my wall a bit ( you’ll see what I mean by that in the pictures below.)

I put up my first wall slat and nailed it in after checking to make sure it was level.

After that you just continue the process on and on until you finish. I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s seriously that simple. I just kept praying I would get to the end and everything would be lined up accordingly. Thank the good lord it was.

The hardest part was jigsawing out the places for the outlets to go but thanks to the guidance of my husband I was able to get that figured out and we were able to cover those correctly.

Once all the slats had been put up I primed the wood with primer before painting it. I used a basic primer that I got from lowes that I have used on many house projects that needed primer.

After priming I put on two coats of Iconic White by Sherwin Williams.

I still don’t have any furniture in this room and there is little decor in here but once I start decorating this room I’ll have more pictures of everything.

Overall this project was super fun and an easy weekend project. There are a couple things I will note about this:

  • You will likely need someone to help you hold up the pieces of wood in the beginning (I couldn’t have done the beginning stages of this project without Matt’s help)
  • Everywhere online will tell you that you need caulk. I did not need or use any caulk. I used 1 1/2 inch nails to nail gun in everything and when I primed and then painted everything I didn’t need to caulk those areas. I also like the gaps and small lines in between each board to show the definition but if you want to caulk everything then caulk away
  • I wanted this project to be on a flat wall before trying to figure out angles and specific cuts like some shiplap projects. I’m so glad I had a flat wall and was just doing an accent wall. Overall I would have lost my mind if I had to cut more wood or jigsaw anything else (I’m not the most patient person).

Matt is convinced I’ll end up shiplapping something else. Who knows, maybe I’ll get the bug again. For now, this project is complete and I’m on to the next one!

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  • Sarah Elizabeth

    This looks amazing! I’m always so impressed by all of the fun and personal touches y’all have done to your home!

  • Ford Kirk

    Looks like a great place for a Dart Board!

    • insert eye roll emoji here