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DIY Faux Brick Veneer Wall

Hiiiiii to all you friends out there! This post has been a long time coming… and by long time I mean like 3 weeks. Alas! I’m able to finally get to this now that Thanksgiving has come and gone and can share this awesome transformation we made in our butlers pantry at our home!

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Brick Veneer

Circular Saw

White Paint

Drywall Joint Compound


Paint Brush

Sand Paper (optional)

Once you gather all your supplies and have measured out the area you’re going to be working on, then fun begins!

I took this coffee bar here and decided to brick veneer it to give it a little more life. I had to cut around our shelves below because they were actually stuck in the drywall.

After measuring and cutting the pieces with our circular saw, I drilled screws into the panels to keep them in the wall. You can do this or use a nail gun if you prefer. We don’t have a nail gun so drilling with screws was the way for us to go.

Putting the panel up was the hardest part. The next part is white-washing/puttying the panels to give it more texture and the color you’re looking for.

For this, just take your Trowel and Joint Compound and swipe it down on the panels. I would suggest making sure that all of the black lines between the bricks are covered with the joint compound to keep the texture and consistency throughout the wall.

Once you’ve finished with the joint compound wait awhile for everything to dry. If you’d like to bring out more red and less white, you can take some sand paper and sand over what you just did.

This project only took me one afternoon and was something I was able to do by myself which was SO great because most of the time I’m too impatient to wait on my husband for help 🙂

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