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Current Favorites: Podcast

Lately I’ve been on a podcast kick. I typically listen to them when I’m cooking or cleaning at home and I’ve found 4 of my most recent favorites to listen to lately (and ones I want everyone to listen to so I can discuss with them).

Dirty John

It sounds weird, I know. It is so so good people. This podcast is all about a guy, John, who “falls in love” with a lady named Debbie. They meet online and begin moving very quickly in their relationship. It’s not until Debbie’s family begins noticing things that are a little off about John that the story really begins to unfold. Without giving anything away here, I didn’t see the end coming AND I listened to this entire podcast in 24 hours. It’s that good and you hear from the actual people discussed in the podcast. GO LISTEN.


I recently finished season one of this a few weeks ago. I just started season 2 which is about a lady named Retha who is found murdered in her apartment. She’s 54 years old with a past of drug addiction but has recently become a Christian woman helping to mend the lives of other addicts and previous felons. This one updates weekly and there are only 4 episodes right now but the first season is pretty good as well (although has no real ending which is not my favorite- sorry for that spoiler).

A Murder on Orchard Street

This podcast just came out last week but I’m already hooked. This is about a murder that took place in 2003 of a 25 year old banker, Burke. He’s shot on Orchard Street and the podcast takes you back through the scene of the crime and what really went down. These episodes (there are only a few right now) are only 15-20 minutes long but their still pretty good.

Generation Why

This is probably my new favorite podcast. Each episode is different but I’m hooked. Similar to Criminal, this is two guys who take you through cold cases, crazy murders, kidnappings, etc. The episodes are about an hour long but they keep you hooked the entire time.

What are some of your favorite podcasts? I’m always looking for more suggestions!

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  • Thank you for sharing these podcasts! I’ve been wanting to listen to more podcasts (I usually listen to audiobooks when I’m cooking), and will try a few of these out!