Awkward and Awesome


Friday, February 5, 2016

 Welcome back for another week of Awkward and Awesome! If you haven’t been here before you’re obviously in for a real treat. Every Friday I recap the week and check out what’s been fairly awkward but what’s also been awesome. Check out all previous posts here.


  • Coffee breath while working out my members this past week #sorryguys
  • Burning pumpkin bread that the lady I nanny for asked me to make and then trying to salvage the rest and just failing miserably at all of it.
  • Aimlessly walking around The Fresh Market and passing the same person every. single. aisle. Does this happen to anyone else? I mean there are only so many times I can say “excuse me ha ha sorry I’m so awkward, sorry, errr thanks”


  • Weekend’s spent hanging out and relaxing with my best friend (AKA this is what I’m doing this weekend: nothing).
  • Long phone conversations about life with my girl, Emily (hey girlllll!)
  • This picture and #nationalfriendday

If you follow me on Instagram you got to see it early.

  • Good books- I’m currently reading “What She Knew” it’s pretty good so far.

Happy Friday friends!!!


Friday, January 29, 2016

I can’t even believe this is my fourth segment of Awkward and Awesome and that January is almost over! Craziness people.


  • The dog of the family I nanny for is a huge Newfoundland dog and is super fluffy and looks like a bear. I walk her everyday at 11:00 for about 30 minutes. On one of our walks this week an older lady in a very very very nice red convertible stopped her car to let me know she thought Chelsea, the dog, was beautiful. Chelsea then decided to try to jump on this lady’s super nice car and I almost didn’t have the ability to bring her back to where I was. Definitely could have been bad.
  • Taking a bath at the end of a long day and seeing these weird clear flaky things in the tub and picking one up and smelling it realizing that it’s indeed garlic pieces from the garlic I was chopping earlier in the evening. Thanks but no thanks to bathing in garlic flakes.
  • P.S. How did those even make it in the tub. Awkward yet again.
  • Going to the Fresh Market to grab some things and accidentally spilling a lot of sour patch watermelon on the floor while talking on the phone and trying to put like 10 in a little baggie. Sorry Fresh Market….
  • Being so sore you cringe anytime you sneeze, cough, move, talk, laugh, or breathe (sorry for cringing at you lately world, it’s not you, it’s me).


  • Making it through this week- phew.
  • Date night/Charlotte Restaurant week happening in the same weekend #yes
  • Eating lunch with all my little basketball players from this past season and seeing them again
  • Cheers to the weekend!


Friday, January 22, 2016


  • When you use a flat pan to cook eggs for you and your husband and you put too many eggs on the pan at once and this happens….

  • When you run into your high school English teacher (hi, Mrs. Szymborski!) and she tells you that she reads your blog and you think about all the grammatical, punctual, and straight up poor quality of writing you have used sometimes when posting.
  • Browsing through Marshall’s looking for thank you notes and coming across some soap on a glass shelf. After trying to pick up the soap (it was pretty far in the back) with the top of it, the soap top came off and came crashing down on the glass shelf leaving a HUGE loud noise and I thought for sure the glass was going to break. That would have been awful.
  • When your dog decides to just stop walking on his walk and you are literally dragging him in front of your neighbors back home…


  • Starting my full time nanny job this week. It’s the best and the kids and the sweetest people, when you love what you do it doesn’t even feel like work #amiright?
  • When my members at the gym bring buy puppies
  • Getting our wedding pictures back #allthehearteyeemojis
  • These coupons for TACOS. YES.
  • Snow dayzzzzzz


Friday, January 15, 2016

Last week debut my first Awkward and Awesome of the year and this week I’m back again. To be honest, this week was a pretty rough week for Matt and I. We dealt with business issues, car issues, money planning, and real life adult things. Our dog woke us up at 4AM one morning and neither of us could go back to sleep so we were just up (although I did end up going back to sleep at like 6:30AM) and it seemed like everything this week just didn’t go “right.” Some weeks are harder for me than they are for Matt but this week was just tiring on both of us. Having this post to look back and see the happy and funny times that did happen is so good for my soul. Now, enough of my moping hodge-podge, let’s get into it.


  • Making a smoothie for breakfast and pouring it into a cup and really miscalculating the size of the cup… honestly it just exploded on me.

Matt literally said “wow, this is definitely an awkward moment for your blog…”

Then my dad was looking through my pictures on my phone and saw this picture and literally turned the phone to me and was like “um what?” LOL.

  • Having my car air freshener fall into my coffee mug while walking into work at 6AM on Monday morning #truelifemkh
  • Having a flat tire, knowing you have a flat tire trying to fill it up with your husband, then having a cop pull over and tell you your tire is flat, thank you, Sherlock. P.S. It was finally not my own flat tire this time but another person who’s name starts with an “M” ….
  • Taking 4 Kind Bars from the 7th grade girls basketball team snack bag then having them say “woah, Coach Hall that’s a lot of bars in your hand…” #busted #noshame


  • Professor Tank


  • The meal replacement smoothies from Smoothie King (straight up delicious friends).
  • The Cajun Chicken Pasta that I made the other night and the chili I made- all my snapchat friends hate me because I keep snapping all the things I’m cooking #sorrynotsorry (follow me on snapchat at truelifekmk)
  • My post on why I love and hate instagram

Same time and place next week, folks!


Friday, January 8, 2016

I stumbled upon Sydney’s blog from The Daybook and saw these posts of hers and died with how funny and literally awesome they are. Basically how it works is that you go through the week and highlight the awkward and awesome things that happened this week. Seriously, love it.


  • stepping in horse poop while taking the little girl I babysit to horse back riding lessons then having to wipe in the grass in front of all the fancy moms
  • having a potential employee workout at the gym and having him throw up in the bathroom… definitely an awkward first impression
  • sweating while making some returns at the mall, running into people I know, talking to them and then later realizing I had massive pit stains the entire time
  • washing my hands after using the bathroom and having the entire bar of soap fly out of my hands and into the pee which I had not yet flushed down the toilet. Then having to reach in and pull it out. #mylife
  • coming home to my backyard full of torn up cushions from my freaking dog chewing up his bed outside- sorry neighbors for the sight…
  • Matt and Tank hugging





  • eating grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner when I don’t feel like cooking and my husband telling me it was delicious #winning
  • our ninja blender- it’s the
  • frozen fruit from Sam’s club for said ninja blender mentioned above
  • 9round in January- hello bumping busy gym!
  • the two ballin’ dinners I successfully made this week of pork tenderloin and chicken parm spaghetti squash

Documenting your awkward and awesome for the week is kind of awkward and awesome…

Happy Friday!

February 26th

Hey, hey- back for another week of awkward and awesome (sorry I missed you folks last week). Obviously we have a lot to catch up on.


  • Walking up to my house with my arms full of groceries, (at night) about to walk up the steps when I hear a huge crash. My bottle of soy sauce had dropped out of my plastic bag and shattered everrryyywhere. Now my sidewalk smells like soy sauce. #salty
  • Spilling hot chocolate powder everywhere at the kids I nanny for’s house. Yeah. Lots to clean up.
  • Walking into Target like your body is going to fall apart at any second because your legs and arms are so sore from working out this week. Sorry I’m moving so slow world, I just can’t walk without almost crying.
  • Accidentally calling the wrong person- is this ever not an uncomfortable situation?
  • Doing workouts wrong in the gym and your husband looking at you like whhhhhat are you doing? I DON’T KNOW MATT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LIFT HEAVY THINGS.


  • Finishing a book in a day because you can and because it was that good (my book reviews for February will be live next week!)
  • Making it to Friday- woop! This week flew by and it was awesome.
  • Date nights and brunch dates #enoughsaid
  • Puppies! I got to hang out with my cousin’s sweet puppy on Wednesday night and it was awesome.
  • The March Madness challenge that we are doing at my gym- look out you members- this is going to be a good one.

March Madness

  • Having an awesome week filled with love from so many people and kind words from my week last week. Seriously, I can’t even express you people amaze me.
  • Long talks with your grandma on the phone (love you Gigi!)
  • Starting a book club AND HAVING PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT TO COME (yipeee!!)

Phew, lots to be thankful for this week and lots to laugh over. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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