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    The theme of our home

    When I think about the theme of our home my mind kinda scatters. I’ve never really considered myself one with the eye for interior design. I question things and never really know if I’m doing something that someone else would do or if that picture should go on that wall or the one adjacent.

    All the women in my family (my aunts, cousins, mom, grandma, everyone- hiiii family :)) are just the greatest when it comes to design. They just have it. They can take a room and transform it with pillows, changing out a picture, adding a side table where I would have never thought to add one, and so much more. I probably have some of that in my blood but not like they do.

    But for my home. My home that I own right now that I have come to love so much; the home that has become Matt and I’s first home full of so many memories just after a month of being here. The theme for my home is simply: cozy.

    Matt and I wouldn’t really consider ourselves “entertainers” but I so desperately want to have a home that just screams cozy. A home that makes you want to just curl up in front of the fire with some coffee and stay awhile. A home that makes you inspired and daring to create your own cozy.


    Cozy to me is office swings and barn doors. Cozy to me is a fun blue wall just because. Cozy to me is a white fireplace and old wooden ladder leaning up against the wall. Cozy to me is a room full of light in the daytime and candles burning in the evening.


    Cozy to me right now is hand me down furniture and handmade benches. Cozy is trips to Lowes and holes in the wall from believing we are better DIYers than we actually are. Cozy to me is a room full of books and a butchers pantry full of coffee. Cozy to me is big pillows and heavy down comforters even in the blazing heat.

    cozy bedroom

    Cozy to me is this home. This theme that was once farmhouse, warm, modern, hipster, vintage, chic, is now just cozy. Cozy to me now is different from what cozy may be to me in 5, 10, or 15 years but for now cozy will do.

    P.S. If you didn’t notice this was just a post to simply show some of my favorite parts of our home- but to also tell you that it’s extremely cozy 🙂

    Recent Reads

    Reading Lately


    Taking a break from all things home today and discussing what I’ve been reading lately. A few things I’m currently reading right now.

    Truly Madly Guilty

    I finished this one right before we moved and I just have to be honest that it was not my favorite Liane Moriarty book. I just feel like all her other books were just soooo much better. But that’s just me. Obviously this one was still good and I still enjoyed it just not as much as The Husband’s Secret or Big Little Lies. It’s about a family and a crazy thing that happened at a barbecue and how it almost destroys friendship, marriage, and the future of three families.

    For the Love

    Hilarious, funny, all around I just laughed and nodded the entire time I was reading this book. It was great and it’s a light, easy read that can put you from being in a bad mood into a great mood.


    I’m still working on finishing up this book but it is so good people. Learning how to be bold, push away your fears and insecurities, and grabbing life by the horn. This book has literal take always to go forth and I just love those things.

    The Plain Truth

    Seriously Jodi Picoult is just everything. I just love all of her books so much. I read this one of hers many years ago and I’ve decided to pick up the books I have of hers and re-read them. This one isn’t my favorite (so I’m not sure why I started with it) but I’m reading it on the side in between books and it’s all about an amish family and what they will do to protect their name.

    The Woman in Cabin 10

    I seriously am dying over how hooked I am to this book right now. I’m currently reading this right now and I’m loving it so far. I am not too far into it (like 30ish pages in) but it’s so good so far. Just go get it because obviously you won’t be sorry.

    Our Home

    Kitchen Renovation

    DIY Kitchen Renovation

    When we started looking at homes to buy I was hooked on all of the pinterest ideas. I wanted a farm like essence with a twist of fun, modernization, and lots of Morgan Hall spirit. Interesting right? I wanted the barn door in my den (see it here!!!) and a hammock swing to hang in our office (coming soon!) I wanted to DIY most everything that we possibly could.

    Anyways, while house hunting the first thing I would always do is basically re-do a room. I would take it and make it into what I pictured it being. It’s the planner in me. But when my wonderful husband and I sat down to discuss our budget for home DIY projects I was a little unsure if we would be able to do everything I wanted. Because we all know as a woman when we want something we typically want it right then and there.

    However, because we chose to literally DIY everything we have saved a TON of money and still have been able to do just about everything we want. The kitchen was my first mission to complete.

    There will be tons of pictures and descriptions on how we did everything in this post and no I did not take pictures of everything step by step because I just totally forgot so it will all be lumped together here. Also all of these pictures are on my iphone and I know that I will never be a fashion, food, or home blogger because I’m lazy and don’t feel like getting my nice camera together to take pics that are all fancy shmancy (at this time, maybe one day).

    Kitchen before

    I want you to know this is what I was starting with. Nothing horrible but definitely not my favorite. I wanted a brighter kitchen that brought in more light and didn’t make me feel like I was living in the dark ages. The only thing I liked about this kitchen was the hardware on the cabinets. I love those and we saved a ton of money by just reusing those.

    The first thing that we did was the cabinets. I had read everywhere online that this was no task for the first time DIYer and I said CHALLENGE ACCEPTED WORLD. We took all the cabinet doors off and labeled them as well as bagged the hardware (this was huge people) and then got to work on sanding everything so that we could paint the cabinets.

    The cabinets had a really dark wood stain on them so we actually had to use a paint stripper to get that off before we sanded them. This added about an extra day to our process but actually was a lot better and faster sanding with smoother finish.

    I decided (literally at the last minute in our first big Lowe’s trip) that I wanted to do a white top cabinet with a dark bottom cabinet. I thought it would look awesome and I wanted to just go for it and be bold.

    After sanding the cabinets we primed them. I primed the cabinets with Kilz oil primer and it was fan-freaking tastic. After priming the cabinets I went over them one more time with some sand paper just to get any fuzzy’s off and make sure it was a smooth top.

    Kitchen renovation during

    I ended up doing three coats on the cabinets after the primer. I used the color Iconic White by Sherwin Williams for the top cabinets. For the bottom coats I used a sample color (which I will figure out the name of eventually but I don’t remember at this moment!) amount and did three coats and I love how they turned out (total price for paint: $45).

    Once the layers of paint had dried we put all the cabinets back on with the same hardware for the handles (seriously I love those rustic handles).

    Kitchen Renovation

    After finishing the cabinets the next thing that we decided had to be fixed was those darn lights in the middle. Not to mention, at the height that they are in the above picture Matt would hit his head on them every time he would walk near them. Thanks to my super handy super studly husband, he was able to figure out how to raise these lights and we set off for our 124123 trip to Lowes to buy some different shades for these lights.

    kitchen renovation

    We were able to save SO much money by just buying these shades and using the current light system that was already installed. These shades were $18/each and a new light fixture was triple that price for just one of the three sets we would need. We also bought some thomas edison looking light bulbs that are SO cool (total light price including bulbs: $75)

    The last big projects that I wanted to do in our kitchen was paint the walls (obvi) and put in our own backsplash. Matt and I divided up the project and decided he should do most of the backsplash and I would paint.

    I made the mistake of not using a primer on these gosh darn yellow walls so after trying 3 paint shades and realizing that they were all turning my walls blue, purple, or some weird funky color I finally got a white color to turn off grey for the most part which will do for now.

    Kitchen wall color

    (Shelves were already there- love them- that table we got from Habitat for Humanity for $120 and Matt stained it a super dark color to make it look much fancier. This cost a total of $140). The area where our table is now used to have this crazy cabinet thing that was taking up SO much room. My father-in-law and Matt actually took it out and I’m so glad to have an actual table in that area now!

    I didn’t take many “during” backsplash pictures because it was a HUGE project that was pretty messy. Basically we bought the tile ($90 for the amount of sq/ft we were covering in our kitchen) grout, cement, and all the devices for that ($50ish) and got to work. First Matt had to sand the walls and then lay the cement. After that we had to carefully lay all the pieces for the tile and then cover with grout!

    kitchen completed


    There are still things we need to do in this room. Matt is going to build me a bench for our kitchen table (swoon), we have to bring in our other kitchen chairs that we have stained today. We have to probably change the color of the walls (again) and I need to touch up a few areas that had some lazy painting going on, but overall we will just continue to make it a work in progress.

    It was SO fun to DIY this room with Matt! We saved TONS of money by doing this stuff on our own and yes it was mega hard and yes we only finished this much of it because we literally didn’t have internet for almost a month and there was nothing else to do buuuut it was worth every second and every blood sweat and tear that went into it.

    I’m sure in 10 years or so I’ll completely re-do everything (like blow out some walls and put in some doors no biggie I’m already planning my next big kitchen reno) but for now this little spot is everything I could have wanted and more.

    kitchen completed

    Life Lately

    Welcome Home!

    welcome home

    Hello blog world!

    People I have so missed you!! It’s been the longest break from blogging that I’ve ever taken (unintentionally I might add) and I have missed it soooo much. But, now that I have internet once again I’m baaackkkk.

    Let me start by saying that it has been quite the month. If you don’t follow me on snapchat (truelifekmk) or instagram you are truly in the dark. We bought a house!

    We have spent more weekends at Lowe’s and done more house projects than I can even count at this point. This week I hope to post all about what we’ve done so far to our house and how we did it all on a pretty tight budget!

    Since we moved in, we haven’t had internet and that’s honestly probably the only reason we’ve been able to do so many projects if I’m being honest. No more were there Netflix breaks or the football games to watch because we literally couldn’t.

    So far we haven’t fully finished any room BUT our kitchen (with the exception of some home decor pieces), living room, bedroom, and our laundry room are like 90%ish done. Our dining room, den, guest room, and office are still in the works!

    Basically we have bought lots of paint, wood, tools, and all things home over the past few weeks.


    I’ll hopefully be blogging over the next few days about our mini- Kitchen renovation, our fun projects we’ve completed in each room, and how we DIY’d it all. I’ve come to believe that a) youtube is everything and b) my husband is literally the greatest ever and c) I’m a lot to handle during DIY projects…

    Buckle up people. I’m baaaackkkk

    Life Lately

    When you’re on the verge of hangry

    Have you guys heard that phrase? Hangry? I find myself using it more often then not. You know, when you’re just shooting daggers at people with your words because you’re literally so hungry. Yeah, that sort of thing.

    Listen up people, I have the solution.

    No seriously, I have the perfect solution for the fast, easy, wonderfully delicious way to stay away from the hanger. It’s called a Lean Pocket.

    Lean Pocket

    You know when you want pizza and you’re starving and hangry? Seriously, this baby cures all!

    This meal takes all of 3.5 minutes to make. Super super super easy. All you do is open the box, unwrap the lean pocket, put it in the microwave and VIOLA. IT’S THE EASIEST AND QUICKEST CURE TO HANGER.


    I went with the pepperoni flavor and maybe that’s just because I’m all about pizza all the time. But maybe you’re into a different flavor for your tastebuds. If that’s the case- you should definitely check out the other flavors they have.

    Whether you’re looking for a breakfast option, lunch option, or dinner option it’s all about staying away from the hang. You know, the hanger that arises. It could be 3:00PM and you could just want some pizza and by gosh you should get some.

    I mean people, check this out. This was done in NO time helping with the hanger!!

    Lean pocket before youtube play

    See people? Don’t you SEE????! This is just wonderful, easy, indulgent and something you need in your life. And most importantly, Tank approved.


    Look at that face people. That face + this food = goodbye hanger!

    Now, what are you waiting for?