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    When you’re on the verge of hangry

    Have you guys heard that phrase? Hangry? I find myself using it more often then not. You know, when you’re just shooting daggers at people with your words because you’re literally so hungry. Yeah, that sort of thing.

    Listen up people, I have the solution.

    No seriously, I have the perfect solution for the fast, easy, wonderfully delicious way to stay away from the hanger. It’s called a Lean Pocket.

    Lean Pocket

    You know when you want pizza and you’re starving and hangry? Seriously, this baby cures all!

    This meal takes all of 3.5 minutes to make. Super super super easy. All you do is open the box, unwrap the lean pocket, put it in the microwave and VIOLA. IT’S THE EASIEST AND QUICKEST CURE TO HANGER.


    I went with the pepperoni flavor and maybe that’s just because I’m all about pizza all the time. But maybe you’re into a different flavor for your tastebuds. If that’s the case- you should definitely check out the other flavors they have.

    Whether you’re looking for a breakfast option, lunch option, or dinner option it’s all about staying away from the hang. You know, the hanger that arises. It could be 3:00PM and you could just want some pizza and by gosh you should get some.

    I mean people, check this out. This was done in NO time helping with the hanger!!

    Lean pocket before youtube play

    See people? Don’t you SEE????! This is just wonderful, easy, indulgent and something you need in your life. And most importantly, Tank approved.


    Look at that face people. That face + this food = goodbye hanger!

    Now, what are you waiting for?

    Our Home

    6 Home Buying Tips

    home buying tips

    As we near closer to closing day (t-minus 10 days!) I’ve thought about some things I’ve learned throughout this home buying process. Without further adieu, my top 6 home buying tips (mainly for the new home owner).

    Find the best realtor ever.

    Seriously though, if you’re in the North or South Carolina area you need to hit up our realtor ASAP. She was and is fab. The greatest ever. Matt and I have known Bethany since high school and I can’t even tell you how easy the process was for us working with her. Bethany never once made me feel pressured, pushed, awkward, or unsure about anything. She made sure that Matt and I understood everything, showed us A TON of houses, was beyond patient, gave us tips and insight to things we didn’t know, AND helped us with orchestrating all the little details that you don’t even know about until you go through this process. But really, you need a good realtor.

    Figure out your must-haves

    One of the things that Matt and I realized after we started this process was that we weren’t 100% sure what we wanted. We knew we needed a yard for Tank. We knew we wanted to be able to make our home ours. But what we didn’t know was what our “must haves” were until after we started looking at homes.

    When we finally narrowed down the exact area we wanted to be in, (the fact that we didn’t want a “perfect” house but that we didn’t want a “huge” renovation house) we finally were able to limit our search and focus on homes that better fit what we were looking for. It took us some time, but I’m glad that we were able to finally figure our lives out.

    Financing is no joke

    Listen. Matt and I spent a lot of time deciding on if we wanted to rent a house or buy a house. We are 23 and 24 years old and to be honest, we didn’t think buying a house was something that we could afford. One day maybe I’ll share the post about how it happened for us but one of the main reasons that it did happen is because we chose to go with a smaller company to get our mortgage through.

    I know that some people go through the bigger banks and have had great success with them but when our fabulous realtor that I mentioned above told me about Caliber Home Loans I was like done. Let’s do this. Because having a mortgage and paying property taxes and ADULTING is no joke people. So take it seriously, but also look at your options. Figure out what your budget will allow for and remember that financing ain’t no joke.

    If you can’t see yourself there, walk away

    There is nothing worse than going to a house that you love the pictures of and then realizing that the pictures aren’t all what they seem. We saw tons of houses that I had envisioned based off of the pictures online only to find that they were much different in reality.

    There were many houses that we walked away from due to the fact that we couldn’t see ourselves living there. It wasn’t something that we felt good about or were passionate about. Whether it was the area or the overall feel of the house it wasn’t something that we were willing to go through with. If you don’t love it and can’t see yourself there, walk away!

    Know when to walk away

    There were a few houses that we really liked for various reasons. One of the houses we were super into just had a few sketchy things about it. Sellers weren’t willing to give us information we asked for, didn’t want to come down in price at all, the house had been under contract a few times and was said to have structural damage, crazy stuff. We put an offer in and then had to walk away because the seller wasn’t willing to come down to what we thought the house was worth as a risk not knowing about the possible structural issues.

    The problem with this? I had already planned out what I wanted to do to the entire house! What. I mean come on time I’ll never get back but we walked away and ultimately saved a lot of time, money, and stress.

    Have Fun

    Seriously though, this can be as fun (and sometimes a little stressful) as you want it to be. Matt and I had tons of bun looking over houses and what not but sometimes we had to reevaluate to make sure that we were remembering to have fun and enjoy this entire process. It’s a lot but it’s been worth it from the beginning!

    Have you bought a home recently? Any other tips before we move in!?

    Life Lately

    10 thoughts while watching the Olympics 2016

    thoughts on the olympics

    It’s here! The Olympics are HERE people. Let me be quite honest with you in that until last night I had only watched recaps of the Olympics. You know, those viral videos that post on your Facebook feed where you’re like “oh yeah, I need to watch the Olympics…”

    Namely, I had watched this recap (WARNING GROTESQUE IMAGES ABOUT TO BE SEEN) a shit-ton of times and just stared because sometimes things are so gross you can’t look away.

    While watching said Olympics, I’ve come to find a few thoughts occasionally pop into my head. Things like the ideas and thoughts below.

    Man, I should probably work out sometime soon… look at these people, they are in the best shape… like, ever. 


    After watching this girl get rocked in rugby.

    When watching that husband of the swimmer absolutely freak out over his wife (because hello she’s an olympian for goodness sake and beat a world record so I mean… yeah)

    Matt, you never freak out that much for me. WTF.

    There are 19 years olds and 16 year olds in the Olympics. What have I done with my life. What the what. 

    When seeing Olympians wearing their Qalo rings…

    Oh my goodness they have their Qalo rings on!! That’s so special. Good for them. Letting the world know they be taken.

    On watching any sport ever…except maybe archery…

    Why do I have goosebumps? Oh my gosh I’m so pumped right now. GO OMG GO AMERICA GO!!!! 

    Wait, how sweet are those parents. Oh my gosh they love their kid. Oh my gosh I’m not going to cry am I? Get it together, Morgan.

    Sometimes when listening to the announcers…

    They sound like their announcing a video game. You know, like NBA2K10 announcing. 

    Woah, Michael Phelps is huge…

    When talking to Matt…

    What kind of music do you think these people listen to before they COMPETE FOR AN OLYMPIC GOLD?! I mean I’d be all about some Beyonce but what do they listen to?

    Now that I’ve actually been watching the 2016 Olympics I’ll plan on recapping more of my thoughts at a later date. We only watched some highlights and swimming last night, just wait for my track and gymnastics comments.

    Here’s to Tuesday and not being an Olympic champion but going to work like another “average” person!

    Our Home

    Home decor for our first home

    Planning our first home

    If you haven’t heard, the hubster and I have started the process of purchasing our first home. We’ve done the house hunting, looked around, saved up, and now we are in the final stretch!

    While all of this has been happening over the past few months we (mainly I) have been planning out all the things we plan on doing in our home. Of course it was hard at first (because you know, I didn’t have an actual house I was planning around) but it has been oh so fun.

    Many of the things I’m gaining inspiration from are actually centered around the fact that my dad has a TON of barn wood we will be taking off his hands. This weekend he brought over a lot of things that I am seriously giddy about in making our house a home.

    house planning

    Office room // white fire place // closet space // barn door // beverage bar

    Those shelves

    The shelving. It’s everything. I have already planned to use a ton of my dad’s barn wood for shelves in our future kitchen. Seeing this office space transformed by these shelves made me realize I had to have it in our first home.

    That beam.

    My dad dropped off some beams this weekend. I mentioned to him a few months ago that I had to have one of his beams from his farm for our fireplace. We are planning to paint our future home fireplace white and add a beam as the mantle and I am beyond ecstatic about it. LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL IT WILL BE.

    Those closets.

    We are likely not going to have a walk in closet at our first home. Rather than we will likely have similar to those closets above. Seeing those closets transformed by that shelving though is like WOAH GIMMIE THAT. Once I figure out where to find similar shelving (I’m looking at you Amazon/Ikea) we will definitely be doing this.

    That Barn Door.

    Eeeeekkkkkk. I already have two spots picked out (and the barn doors now thanks to my #1 AKA dad) for sliding barn doors to go and I am probably most excited about these statement pieces. We just unloaded one of the barn doors this weekend and after spraying all the bugs off I just CAN’T WAIT TO ADD THESE TO OUR FUTURE HOUSE!!

    Beverage Area.

    In our future home we have a butler’s pantry. We are hoping to transform it a bit to be more like this. But to also include wine because, duh. We saw this picture and the option of adding a fridge and were all like “YES DONE. WE ARE DOING IT.” It’s being done people. We have the fridge and just have to figure out how to get it in our cabinet like so. Boom.

    As you can tell from my not so subtleness, we have found a house. We have purchased said house. And we are waiting to move in at the end of the month when we close. Maybe it’s premature to plan like this but hello, my name is Morgan and planning is my middle name.

    We are planning on moving in 2 weeks from TODAY. WHAT. Follow along with me on instagram and snapchat [truelifekmk] to see the latest and greatest of our house and DIY experiences!

    What are some statement pieces you have in your home?

    Recent Reads

    What I Read: June & July

    what I read

    Phew it’s been a minute since I recapped what I’ve been reading lately. To be honest, up until my vacation last week I hadn’t been reading as many books as I have been wanting to but I’m back on my A-game now. Reading like a crazy person because I just want to read ALL of the recent new books that came out (I’m talking about you Liane…)

    The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair:

    Oh my lands. This book. SO good. So good that my entire team at my office is currently passing this book around because it was that good. It’s a long book (I think like 600 pages) but focuses on the story of a strange love affair between a young teenage girl and an aspiring author. The teenage girl goes missing and the story takes so many turns you will literally not be able to put the book down or see the end coming.

    My favorite kind of read, definitely a must read.

    The year we turned forty

    This book reminded me of a potential Liane Moriarty book (What Alice Forgot) but it just didn’t have the umph and jucyness that Liane puts in her books. This book focuses on the life of three women who have the chance to go back in time and rewrite their past. It’s got some heartbreak, love, and humor.

    It wasn’t my favorite read. It was just sorta blah.

    I am having so much fun here without you

    I had super high expectations for this book. I had heard it was funny and engrossing but no. No it was not. It was mega boring throughout the middle part while you basically are just over here like WHAT ARE YOU DOING DUDE?! This book is about an affair between two people and a man who realizes his ridiculously stupid mistakes he’s made by having the affair. You know, real life drama shit.

    But that’s just how this book made me feel personally. I’m sure plenty of other people love this one.

    Firefly Lane

    Give me all the Kristin Hannah. This was the most perfect beach read. I loved this book and while I won’t be reading the second one (because this one was just so good I don’t have very high hopes for the second one after reading the back of that book) it was SO good. Focusing on two girls who meet in the rough years of middle school these two girls become the best of friends and this book focuses on their entire life together from 8th grade to college to marriage, careers, and babies galore.

    Go get this book and read it if you’re laying on a nice beach somewhere soon. Seriously.

    Eight hundred grapes

    This was a great book. I hated the book This is where I leave You by Johnathan Trooper. But this book was much better. This book is about a family facing setbacks and dysfunction from fighting parents, runaway brides, and a family trying to piece together what to do with their fathers land. This one was relatable and funny and exciting all wrapped up in one book.

    You should read this one just because I said so.

    The Castaways

    Oh Elin Hilderbrand you are just wonderful. This was not my favorite Hilderbrand book but I still enjoyed reading it. I had read reviews that a lot of people didn’t like this book because the story lines were hard to follow and it just wasn’t that good but I actually really liked it. This book focuses on the life of 4 couples who are all best friends. They all hold secrets though that are uncovered when one of the couples is found drowned at sea.

    I thought it was a good book and an easy light read.

    Now please tell me, what have you been reading lately? Any suggestions?