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    Favorite Fall Trends

    I would like to make it known to the world that I pretty much live under a rock. I learned this the other day when I realized that I know nothing about what’s trending in the world. Other than of course all the clothes I want.

    fall favorites

    Black distressed jeans: I have a pair of black skinny jeans that I’m considering just cutting at the knees for this look but I just love these. They are definitely one of my favorites this fall.

    Fringe Sweater: I’m more prone to beige, white, and tan colors for sweaters. I don’t know why but I have way too many of them but I just love those colors for sweaters.

    Necklace: Who would have thought that chokers would be coming back from the past? I guess it’s true that history just keeps repeating itself.

    Booties: Oh these booties are just the most fantastic looking things in the world.

    Sweater My boss actually has this sweater and I just have all the heart eyes for it. Plus, it’s from TARGET. WHAT. Yes. Target online. I. Can’t. Even. For real though oh my goodness.

    Poncho: I have one poncho (that I got from Nordstrom last year) and I love it. This is a way I can wear all my fun beige and white pull over sweaters and also add some color through a poncho. win. win.

    Now I just need to save up or win the lottery so I can buy all the above things and then some 🙂 Now taking donations to stock up my fall wardrobe!

    Life Lately

    #Fantasty Football

    It’s not a surprise to people close to me that I really don’t care much about football. I went to college where football was King. Where the blue ridge dawns its greatness and football players jump super high and get super cool pictures taken as they run down a hill. Yeah, that place.

    But, like I said, college football even at Clemson wasn’t really my thing. Sure I went occasionally but I really didn’t care that much.

    Then you have the NFL. I have lived in Charlotte home of the Panthers my entire life. I’ve been to a slew of Panthers games and have even walked past Cam Newton a time or two heading into work in Charlotte. I know, it doesn’t get much more exciting than that.

    Overall, my enjoyment of sports lies in basketball season. I think one of the reasons I don’t really care about football is because I can’t relate to it. I never played it (obvi) and I have no idea what it feels like to literally be tackled and hit so hard that you become concussed (no thanks byyyeee). But let me just say people. I do watch football and will watch football all day long if there’s good food.

    But really. Feed me some good food and you can put nascar on the TV for all I care (sorry to all you nascar lovers!). That’s why whenever Matt puts on the Panthers game I always like to order Papa Johns.

    It’s the perfect Sunday afternoon lunch or dinner, Monday night when you’ve just gotten home from a long day at work, or even just because you’re watching football. I mean seriously pizza makes everything better even if you don’t care that much about football like me!

    Not to mention during the NFL season you get this guy staring back at you when you order from Papa Johns…

    NFL pizza

    But then when you open the pizza IT’S EVEN BETTER PEOPLE!


    Some of us have longer amounts of patience than others of us… as in I didn’t wait to take a picture of the entire pizza and decided to eat half and then take a picture #sorrynotsorryimg_4112

    But in my opinion, the best thing to do is order pizza from Papa Johns on Saturday night. Eat half. Then on Sunday when you’re watching your team play on TV you’ll open the fridge thinking “what should I eat…?” and then this will happen…

    papa johns pizza

    Moral of the story next time you watch an NFL game, order Papa Johns. You won’t be sorry.

    Life Lately

    5 photos to reflect on this year

    If you’re like me you’re having a hard time comprehending with the fact that 2016 is heading to a close. I mean sure we have a few more months but this year has truly flown by. It’s been a year that I will never forget. 2015 was full of huge huge life changes from owning a business to getting engaged and married to finishing college but 2016 has been an even bigger year.

    I’m hopping in (mega late) to the Blog-tember challenge with Bailey and I’m seriously SO sad we didn’t have internet this month to jump in earlier but today I am super excited to be jumping in. So here’s to 2016 so far and to that top 5 pictures that best define this year.

    1. Happy Marriage!

    winter wedding

    Even though we got married in December of 2015 I’m counting this for 2016. This past (almost) 10 months of being married in 2016 has been the most fun learning experience ever but I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. For real though, Matt Hall is truly the most wonderful husband and best friend that I could ever imagine and being his wife is the greatest joy.

    2. A little rest and relaxation

    Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

    I think Matt and I will look back on this past year of 2016 (for me specifically) and think wow it was definitely a year of growth. I went from graduating college to not fully knowing what I wanted to do with my life after not getting accepted to graduate school to starting a new job to being a wife to hello overload. My family makes fun of me but I seriously have come to treasure and learn that I desperately need to rest, relax, and recharge.

    This past year I have learned how to continue to go after life but to more importantly learn to just accept, embrace, and rest in what I can control and recharge when I need to. It’s been an incredibly eye opening experience and also something that has taught me so much and been so good for me to develop and learn from.

    3. Bring. It. On.

    tie dye pants

    While this photo was a joke/more of a fun photo to take after a fun week of themed outfits at work it speaks volumes for me in this year. In the beginning of this year it took me a little bit of work to realize and gain back the confidence I had when I was in high school and college. Not the sort of “I can get good grades and do life” confidence. The kind of confidence that literally strikes down the voices in your head that say things like “what are you doing with your life?” or “why don’t you have a plan for what’s next?” or “when are you going to have it all together again?” (but really who ever actually has it all together?)

    Anyways, this photo just makes me laugh and realize that I have learned to let go of so many things that once held me down and affected my day to day. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the crazy planner who needs to recharge and relax on the weekends in order to keep it together but that’s cool with me.

    4. Buying our first home

    home owners

    On a totally less philosophically psychological level becoming first time homeowners is something I will never forget about from this year. From deciding between renting or buying I honestly didn’t think we would be able to buy a house at 23 and 24 years old. But then Jesus was like JK I do want you to buy a house sooooooooo here you go!

    5. The Passion for DIY

    DIY Home

    This morning light coming into our kitchen. Learning to DIY and doing these projects with Matt this past month and developing a passion for DIYing our home has been so fun. We still have minor things to finish up and I still need to touch up a lot of things (as in some spots on our cabinets and the area above our sink that needs to be sanded) but oh well.

    2016 has been quite the year and there are still months left in this year for fun memories to be made. Here’s to it (almost) being October!

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    The theme of our home

    When I think about the theme of our home my mind kinda scatters. I’ve never really considered myself one with the eye for interior design. I question things and never really know if I’m doing something that someone else would do or if that picture should go on that wall or the one adjacent.

    All the women in my family (my aunts, cousins, mom, grandma, everyone- hiiii family :)) are just the greatest when it comes to design. They just have it. They can take a room and transform it with pillows, changing out a picture, adding a side table where I would have never thought to add one, and so much more. I probably have some of that in my blood but not like they do.

    But for my home. My home that I own right now that I have come to love so much; the home that has become Matt and I’s first home full of so many memories just after a month of being here. The theme for my home is simply: cozy.

    Matt and I wouldn’t really consider ourselves “entertainers” but I so desperately want to have a home that just screams cozy. A home that makes you want to just curl up in front of the fire with some coffee and stay awhile. A home that makes you inspired and daring to create your own cozy.


    Cozy to me is office swings and barn doors. Cozy to me is a fun blue wall just because. Cozy to me is a white fireplace and old wooden ladder leaning up against the wall. Cozy to me is a room full of light in the daytime and candles burning in the evening.


    Cozy to me right now is hand me down furniture and handmade benches. Cozy is trips to Lowes and holes in the wall from believing we are better DIYers than we actually are. Cozy to me is a room full of books and a butchers pantry full of coffee. Cozy to me is big pillows and heavy down comforters even in the blazing heat.

    cozy bedroom

    Cozy to me is this home. This theme that was once farmhouse, warm, modern, hipster, vintage, chic, is now just cozy. Cozy to me now is different from what cozy may be to me in 5, 10, or 15 years but for now cozy will do.

    P.S. If you didn’t notice this was just a post to simply show some of my favorite parts of our home- but to also tell you that it’s extremely cozy 🙂

    Recent Reads

    Reading Lately


    Taking a break from all things home today and discussing what I’ve been reading lately. A few things I’m currently reading right now.

    Truly Madly Guilty

    I finished this one right before we moved and I just have to be honest that it was not my favorite Liane Moriarty book. I just feel like all her other books were just soooo much better. But that’s just me. Obviously this one was still good and I still enjoyed it just not as much as The Husband’s Secret or Big Little Lies. It’s about a family and a crazy thing that happened at a barbecue and how it almost destroys friendship, marriage, and the future of three families.

    For the Love

    Hilarious, funny, all around I just laughed and nodded the entire time I was reading this book. It was great and it’s a light, easy read that can put you from being in a bad mood into a great mood.


    I’m still working on finishing up this book but it is so good people. Learning how to be bold, push away your fears and insecurities, and grabbing life by the horn. This book has literal take always to go forth and I just love those things.

    The Plain Truth

    Seriously Jodi Picoult is just everything. I just love all of her books so much. I read this one of hers many years ago and I’ve decided to pick up the books I have of hers and re-read them. This one isn’t my favorite (so I’m not sure why I started with it) but I’m reading it on the side in between books and it’s all about an amish family and what they will do to protect their name.

    The Woman in Cabin 10

    I seriously am dying over how hooked I am to this book right now. I’m currently reading this right now and I’m loving it so far. I am not too far into it (like 30ish pages in) but it’s so good so far. Just go get it because obviously you won’t be sorry.